November 19, 2018


Lexington, Kentucky


Sister Barnes

The One in Kentucky

Hello my power houses! Yes ya'll! You are power houses for missionary work! I cannot believe that I am finally here in Kentucky! They said when we got to the mission home that there will be one English sister that will be on a bike, and I just knew it in my gut that it was going to be me. I was right! Sister Barnes is my trainer and she is absolutely the most beautiful human I have ever met! She is a ballerina, and is just a beast on the bike! She is so good at exercise time, and thank the good almighty that it is snowing, or I'm sure we would be running...... grooooossss..... I'll be completely honest. I'm not going to write about my last week at the MTC, because it was a lot of tears and a lot of goodbyes, so we are going to stay positive and talk about my first week in the Kentucky! I'm in Lexington, and boy do we have our work cut our for us!

Monday: I have never been on such a plane ride as the one from SLC to Atlanta... it was so stormy, so we had to circle around the airport for FIVE ever! So many people were getting sick left and right. I was a gooooood single rider and powered through. Thanks dad for teaching me how to keep face ;) While staying in the Atlanta airport the Lord blessed me with a missionary opportunity! There was a lady sitting across from me and I complemented her sweater. She thanked me kindly and asked me what I was I was doing going to Louisville (Looavul). I made eye contact with one of the Elder's I was traveling with and we jumped on that like white on rice people. I explained how I am a missionary and that I'm going to Louisville to talked to everyone I possibly can about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. She said oh. I'm going there for a funeral of a dear friend. She got all choked up, and Elder Layne said, "we know that you will see your friend again." She seemed puzzled, so I whipped out Mosiah 16:7-9. I was doing cart wheels because I just had studied this chapter! Like you're kidding me right?! Then I bore testimony that Christ overcame all, even the grave, so we will too. She wiped away the tears and thanked me for giving her some comfort. Then Elder Layne gave her some reading/converting material ;) to read on her flight. It was the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. I watched her read it on the plane too. I hope one day that she will find missionaries to baptize her, because she is PREPAREDDD! Then the mission president and his wife along with the mission assistants picked us up from the airport, and took us back to the mission home! They were so cute and fixed us a meal. One of the ladies that cooked came up to me and said "I'm cooking for you!" I said "why is that?" She said "I know friends of your grandparents!" I was so grateful to have connections to home so quickly! Tender mercy as I was struggling with a new place and a little bit of vertigo from that crazy plane ride...Haha!

Tuesday: we awoke from our very short slumber and got ready to go meet our trainers! I was stoked beyond belief! I carried into the church my cute luggage, because it was pouring outside, and then they ushered in all the trainers. I made eye contact with sister barnes and I knew I wanted her! I quickly looked away from them all because I was not trying to make any expectations for myself. However the Lord delivers anyway! Then I said more goodbyes. Goodbye to Sister Botelho and Matheson and Cannon. We promised each other that we would link up post mish for sure though. God bless them. We got picked up by Sister Kelly, and she drove us from Louisville to Lexington! Turns out her husband went to shadow ridge and they were married at the seminary building on Thom! Crazy small world! They will be getting sealed in Las Vegas next year June! Way fun! Sister barnes and I dropped my luggage off and off we went to our dinner appointment. We went to dinner at the Peterson's ,which is where momma got the picture and a text from Kim, but there Sister Barnes says "oh by the way, we have an appointment scheduled after this." I was like woah... this is really happening! The work does not stop woo! So off we went to teach a woman named Sandi! She has a baptism date too! She is off schedule though, because we need to get that lady to church! Please pray for Sandi that she will come to church on Sunday! That night, like all missionaries, I basically fell asleep with my tag and shoes on I was so tired.

Wesnesday: this day.... ohhhh this day. It was the first day on my bike. I'll tell y'all what. Kentucky might as well be San Fransisco with all these hills. I am so blessed with such a patient companion who cheers me on even when I just want to lay down in the middle of the rode and end it all. She's fantastic. The Lord knew I would need her in these bike trials! We biked to the Ronald McDonald house (which is out of our area, so you can imagine how far away it was) and did some service! We got to decorate it for Christmas! I was like there's literally no way in heaven that it's already this time of year, and guess what it is! Sister barnes gets mad at me when I belt out Christmas hymns while biking. "SISTER LUDWIG, IT ISNT TANKSGIVING YET!" to which I promptly reply "WE ARE MISSIONARIES WE SHOULD CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF CHIRST YEAR ROUND!" yeah can't argue with that one! After our service we went to teach Noah, and his girlfriend. They just had a baby! So cute! They are having a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon, so please pray that their hearts will be softened and that their minds will be opened! Then sister barnes and I knocked doors in the area. It is a beautiful place. The woods we bike through look like the woods where they filmed Stranger Things. Like soooooo similar. The fog and everything. I was sure that I was about to bike straight into the upside down. It was very weird getting rejected so kindly. People would give us water and invite us in to warm up, but didn't want the message of the Restored Gospel. It was wack! I almost want them to just yell at me, or slam the door. But not here in Lexington. They're so nice! Wild. This night we had dinner with the Lane's such a cute family! They got us pizza, so you can imagine that my hot pocket heart was doing flips! It was soooooo yummy. Then we went outside to get our bikes to go home. I had a little bit of rain on my seat. No big deal. I'll just wipe it off. Nope. That rain was frozen in little droplets on my bike seat! I have never seen anything like it you guys! It was incredible! So after scraping our bike seats off we ride home. Again falling flat on my face just exhausted. Sister Barnes is good to remind me to at least pray before I fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep on my knees. So many people to pray for that need God's help! Prayer is an incredible thing! Use it often my friends!

Thursday: This day is snowed. Not only did it snow, but it stuck. That was new too. Beautiful and magical, but V cold! I am so grateful that I have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to keep me warm! Also soooooo many people answered their door! All nice rejections but I feel as though sister barnes and i planted so many seeds! We went to visit a returning member, Sister Novak. She is such a sweet lady, and alllll her cats just wanted to sit in my lap. Not sister barnes or sister novak's. Noooo. Sister Ludwig's lap was cat central. It's okay though because it was snowing outside so my sinuses cleared right up! Blessed day! Then we had an appointment with our neighbor. Her name is Kitty, and she loves the Book of Mormon so much. she is also an immigrant from China, but her English is super good! While teaching her she opened up to us about all her hardships. She said that she understands the importance of family, so she wants to stay with her husband until her children are grown and at a university. She expressed how he quarrels with her and is very strict and hard on their kids. She just cried. I was crying with her as I testified of a Savior who knows her heart and her pains. I taught her of a perfect man who knelt in a Garden for her. I introduced the Healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I let the Spirit do the rest. I walked out of that meeting and just sobbed in my companions embrace. My heart was breaking for Kitty and it still does. She is so faithful and obedient to her "duty" that she sacrificed her own happiness sometimes. After I prayed a lot and collected myself, back on the bike we went. Before i tell this story, i want you all, especially mom, that I have figured it out. While I was riding my bike, we went down this HUGE hill. I was not prepared and gripped on my bike for dear life. Then... my skirt blew up into my face. I was moving at such a high rate of speed I dared not let go on my handle bars. I'm sure someone saw, but my pillow that night became a moment of reflection on how to never let that happen again. Then I had a million dollar idea. I am going to make a business where i design sister missionary clothes with sewn in magnets to the bottom of the skirt or dress! Don't steal my idea y'all! Just wanting everyone to know that I'll be a millionaire someday haha!

Friday: this day was a miracle day! Sister Barnes and I found these two students who invited us to come teach them! Their names are Khaled and Rita! I hope that they feel the Spirit when we teach them! They seem super interested! We are way excited! We also planted so many seeds this day too! Sister Barnes has such a talent for bearing her testimony as people walk away. Its AWESOME! I hope I can bike as fast as her too someday so I don't miss any teaching opportunities!

Saturday: we talked with so many people this day that said "oh i was saved 40 years ago" I just wanted to say "well would you liked to be saved every Sunday for the rest of your life?" I was getting frustrated and upset, then we knocked our last door, and a man named Tyler answered. We gave our intro and he invited us back to teach him and his girlfriend! He said that she had had a run in with missionaries not too long ago! I was like "ITS A SIGNNNNN" then the Spirit softened my troubled heart by whispering to me "now imagine him in white" Tender Mercy as I saw a son of God dressed in white ready to enter into the waters of baptism! Kind of weird, and we haven't even taught him. But nonetheless it was what I needed to hear from my Father in Heaven!

Sunday: wow. I have the best ward.Mom, I am being fed great. Don't you worry about me! I think I have 3 dinner appointments scheduled for Thanksgiving..... yeah. Crazy blessed! Sister Barnes and I were knocking doors after church and we met a woman named Brea! She said she had met with mormon missionaries prior, but didn't click with them. So she invited us back! Yay! So excited for that! She has a baby on the way so very excited to teach her about eternal families!

Anyways keep on keeping on family and friends! The work continues and it is our duty to keep it going!

Love sister Ludwig
"I seek not for power, but to pull it down"


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