October 30, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Botelho

The One with the Block Party

Hello my wonderful angels!
I wanted to thank everyone of you for the love, support, and prayers. I have felt every single one. Regarding the subject line. Jake would be soooooooo incredibly proud! Every P day, my entire district plays volleyball for the whole hour. I run a half mile and then join them, because ya know I've got week ankles and am trying to strengthen them for the field. Anyhow, during one of the games, I went up to block Elder Walser (who is 6'3" and played college ball), and stuffed him like a Thanksgiving turkey!! That's right. Me. Sister Ludwig! Take that! Not sure how it happened, but it did.

My companion Sister Botelho is vegetarian and from Saratoga Springs, Utah. She loves being active and has an incredible testimony. we have differing opinions on food choices, but we are always open to trying each others meals because the MTC makes BOMB food.

Also before I get to my week I need to shout out the one and only TINA BERRETT! She sent me my first package here at the MTC. Thanks so much for my shirt, the apple juice, and cheez its. They were truly a tender mercy!

I arrived here at the MTC all bright eyed, and nervous for my new adventure. An Hermana Rice helped with my suitcase, and got me settled in. She was soooo cute. She is serving state side Spanish speaking. I dropped my suitcase off and scurried to meet my companion, Sister Botelho (Bo-tell-O). I walked in the class and her and the teacher greeted me in Portuguese to try and throw me off, or make me think I was in the wrong class. Little do they know how incredibly blonde I am, and the joke went right over my head. I thought "Oh they are so sweet, greeting me in another language. Maybe they're thinking I speak Portuguese!" However for every elder and sister that came in we tricked them and they got the joke. Many classes followed that, and I learned that the Lord is literally in EVERYTHING. He knows me and he knows you! Do not forget your divine design. We are Kings and Queens promised soo much if we submit to the will of the Father.

The next day (thursday). I had sooooooo much class. I did not even have time to breathe. Most of which focused on my missionary purpose, and how to properly teach. I learned that my companion and I are set apart to be someone's angel, and that I teach them to take their questions to God. The Lord is preparing people right now for Sister Ludwig! I pray for them at every chance that I get. They are fighting the good fight, and the Lord will pour out His kindest blessings upon those "who believeth in the word of God, and is baptized without stubborness of heart..." (Alma 32:16). Isn't that just incredible?! God is good.

On Friday I had a little more breathing time. I rolled off my bed on to the floor at 6:30 am, because obedience brings miracles. In class I heard a talk from Elder Holland addressed to the missionaries of that time. He said "Conversion HAS to happen to you missionaries before it can happen to those you will teach. " The spirit testified to me that I am here for a reason, and that I have already chosen this day that I will serve the Lord! I am so incredibly blessed with my testimony, and I owe that to my God. I also met my zone and Branch presidency and their wives. It was so fun! We got our district leader (Elder Henderson). He reminds me of Luke. He is quiet but mighty in Spirit! Our branch prez said something I will never forget. He addressed us as "Little 'a' Apostles". I have been set apart just as they have to feed Christ's sheep. How neat-o!

On Saturday my companion and I made our first "contact"! Her name is Maddie. She expressed how she didn't understand why God would leave his people alone after Christ was crucified! I'm sure my future investigators will not be this easy, but the Spirit whispered to me PROPHETS SISTER LUDWIG.... so Sister Botelho and I went to work on modern day prophets, and Joseph Smith. God NEVER leaves His people. He is a jealous God, and wants us for His own. My comp and I left that and we floating the Spirit was so strong as we testified. I have never felt closer to my Savior.

Sunday was buuuusssssyyyyyyyyy. We had our normal meetings as a zone, and then we had choir, and then a devotional, and then a Sunday "movie" which is actually an hour and a half long talk by an Apostle.... yeah you know how I felt about them calling that a "movie". But nonetheless I felt edified and sanctified through the power of Jesus' Atonement. There's a few key things to being a successful missionary and that is "Be Thou Humble" in all things. "Lock your Heart", and to "put away childish things". I am slowly working on all those things, and I know that if I am meek and give those things up that I really don't want to (like dancing), I will have a more powerful Spirit with me when I testify. So looootttttsss of praying for Sister Ludwig. Elder cook said "Celestial goals get side tracked by telestial distractions." I will leave it at that. Mic drop Elder, mic drop.

Monday was so fun! Sister Botelho and I have the most incredible companionship. We link arms when walking, and we laugh, and we cry, and we love! She is Pilas as Jake would say! I am going to skip Monday's activities and go straight to the highlight of the day/week. We had a testimony meeting as a district about the Book of Mormon. Elder Walser shared how he has read the Book 14 times, and has only been a member for 3 years. He said the book saved him from his pit of despair. Naturally I started crying. Then Sister Matheson shared how it helped her cope with her depression... powerful! More crying. Then Elder Lopez shared that he had just recieved an email that his older brother had passed away in a car wreck. everyone crying. Then Elder Nogues shared that he feels that he might not make it to Georgia because of overwhelming anxiety, but that he knows the Book will be the reason if he does make it. I cry writing this email right now. Our district is sooo incredibly close, and my heart breaks for my fellow men. I testified that the Spirit is powerful. That we have the opportunity to lay down, at His feet, our broken hearts and contrite Spirits. I know through the Atonement that they may be healed and made whole again. Please pray for my brothers and sisters.

Today I get the opportunity to go to the temple! I am so excited. I'll let you know how it goes next week. For now I challenge all of you, ESPECIALLY my family. Memorize the missionary purpose. It is not just for set apart missionaries. It's for bishopric members, gospel doctrine teachers, teacher's quorum counselors, mother's, father's, sons, and daughters in Christ. I testify that your life will be more full, more meaningful,and more sanctified as you live it!

"Invite others to
come unto Christ by
helping them
receive the restored gospel through
Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement
receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and
Enduring to the end"

I know I am where I need to be. I have never felt more sure of that in my life. I love you all and Godspeed!

"I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me" (Alma 29:9)

with so much love
Sister Ludwig
P.S standby for pictures and videos they'll come today.


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