October 30, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Freitas

Blindinggggg- Week 60

HEYOOOO!! Exchanges gallor this week! It has been a wild time!

I first got to exchange with Sister Jaikong and work on my Thai, she is just the cutest and so hard working. I learnt so much about Thailand and so much about her. It was too fun! At the end of the day as we were saying a prayer together she asked if we could be companions next transfer for my last few weeks and my fingers are crossed! I would love that with my whole heart! We even taught a Thai lesson and I understood nothing so I am still working on my gift of hearing I guess you could say haha.

I also was able to exchange with Sister Dean and have some wild experiences! Seemed like everything crazy was happening to us that day haha. We started off in one of the Visitor centers and let me tell ya! Satan was in that place! We had 2 different groups of people walk up to us and try to prove everything we said wrong, we then had a lady come and bless us that we would come out of our brainwash! Then a family that just straight up hated us and would not let us leave. Oh wow, what a time. I actually realized they all didn't like our church for the same reason. They all argued that we have too many rules that we need to abide by. Sister Dean and I actually had a really amazing chat about all of it afterward. God gave us guidelines to abide by so we can be happy, so we can be safe and so that we can return to live with him. I could go deep into that all day but the point is, they are there for us to learn and progress. To continue to improve daily... I am not too upset with them, I know God loves us, I know he knows we aren't perfect. Of course I have messed up and still do everyday but we wouldn't have guidelines and standards to live by if we didn't mess up. Gods hand really is in everything.

Anywho!! It's REALLY cold here! My hair wasn't dried before I left the apartment today and legitimately froze on the way the Square :))) Never doing that again! The leaves are all gone and it's snowing already! But I refuse to wear tights until december so!! Watch out for my blinding legs! Venmo me pls so I can buy some tanner :)))

Love you guys!! Have a grand ol time!

Sister Whitmarsh

50 N West Temple BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150


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