October 23, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Freitas

ahhh my leggsss- Week 59

Sup ma dudes!!

What a week this has been! Sister Freitas and I have been killin in down here in SLC!!

This week I really learned the importance of setting goals and how we truly need to rely on the Lord and practice faith in him everyday in missionary work... shocker right!? As we plan for our day we ask for help that we can set goals that Heavenly Father needs us to accomplish that day. I will be honest, goals for me have been a little hard to set through my whole mission because I always felt like I could never achieve them. I have lately realized It really is your mindset, if you give your all to the Lord and you set goals that you hope to achieve, but most importantly do all you can to achieve them then he will do the rest. I just expected to set a goal and it would just be placed right in front of me but it truly takes action for them to come to life. I don't think I have set goals this much my whole mission and I am so grateful that Sister Freitas is such a stickler goal setter because miracles have come to life!!

This week there hasn't been one goal that we've set that we haven't achieved and it has really helped me to see that as we present things to Heavenly Father he will truly do everything he can to help according to our faith or desire to do so. We have been able to find 11 new people that are interested to continue meeting with us and also! We had this young girl named Andy just walk in and say she wanted to be baptized? and she's on date for November 9th?! That is pretty dang rad if you don't mind me saying!! Straight from the mouth of Sister Hannah Smith..."Obedience brings miracles." What a queen, who knew she was right all along.

As well as the bueno goal setting that has been going on we asked to give a training this week to all the leaders in the mission and it was a hoot! We talked all about a booklet that we're given in the MTC that is called 'Adjusting to Missionary life' and the name kinda says it for itself! It really is a whole book that we use as missionaries to help us adjust! I can honestly say I feel like you will never completely adjust to missionary life but reviewing the booklet this week actually helped me with a lot of feelings I had been having! It was really awesome to be able to share with all the sisters how they can best minister to all the other sisters using it too! HMU if you need one haha I have an online copy too ;)

OOOO so i'm trying to get back to what I looked like at the beginning of my mission!! I mean who doesn't get a little chub chub on the mission? Sister Frietas caught wind of this and I swear she's like a coach from the biggest loser of something! She has been smacking me into shape! Yesterday she thought it would be so fun if we ran up the Church Office Building steps and I about died!! So we set some goals for when we would break and stuff but after 2 flights the only thing I could think about from that point on was what excuse I could make so I didn't need to run anymore haha! It didn't work... Oh man my legs are sore butttt I feel pretty accomplished in achieving my goals ;) see what I did there? ANYWHO we ran 29 flight which was well over 700 steps haha! Hopefully by the end of my mission I'll get it down hah.

AHHH look at me go! Set a goal to make my email longer than two sentences and I did it!! Just playing... but really set some goals it's kinda fun!

Sister Whitmarsh :)))


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