September 25, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Cariaso

Huh uhhhh- Week 55


So, just a couple things have been going on this week!

VAHA was baptized and confirmed and it was so fun to be able to attend! I've been praying my whole mission that we'd meet someone in Utah so we can teach them in person and go to their baptism and I'm so glad Vaha was the one. I love that guy so much and it was such an amazing experience to be able to teach him! He is even going to the Temple for the first time on Friday so we are so so pumped for that!

We also has a pretty killer run in with some people this week who weren't too fond of our Church or in their words "we are just curious". Oh man my blood was boiling on Monday! There was a group of well over 50 students from Georgia (not my typa Georgians) who were studying world religions and came to Utah just to learn about the "mormons" oh man haha. It was a party.

They walked in and I was so pumped, a bunch of people from Georgia were here! but real fast it turned into a big nuh uhhh!! They just went for it Haha. If I'm being honest with you I'm pretty confident in my combat skills when it comes to people who aren't too fond of our church, which can be good but also bad. I may be a little too fiesty and not very missionary like but I have a few more months to perfect that so just know I'm working on it.

Anywho. I learnt a lot that day. Definitely how to roast them on specific questions but more importantly to be patient with some people. They really just need to feel the spirit to realize what they are saying isn't true. It was exhausting to be testifying all day long but that's why I'm here. To be exhausted from bearing what I know to be true all day. I did want to check a few of them but some of them I know one day are going to join the church because of the unique spirit they felt on Temple Square. It's all Gods plan, I just wish people understood that.

We also had an amazing zone conference and talked all about planning and setting goals and how it is Hodly and needed for the Lords work! Good think I like being organized ;)

I also cut my hair off in a urgent need of change Haha. I think I thought about it for a total of 2 minutes and then cut it Haha and Sister Montierth hit her big 21!!! S/O to Monti!!!

Love you guys! Have a good one!


50 N West Temple ST BSVC
Salt Lake City, UT 84150


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