September 18, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Cariaso

Ahhh man- Week 54

What up my dudes!

Not too much for the books this week. Sister Cariaso has been super duper sick with the flu so we have been in the apartment on demand! It's been a little wild, but it really gave me a lot of time to think about life and study the scriptures inside and out.

As I was reading in the Book of Mormon I was reading the story of Abinadi, who was a prophet God had called to teach his people. The king of the people he was teaching wasn't too fond that someone else was getting the attention that he wanted so he actually ordered a death sentence upon him. But they gave him an option. I mean I'm pretty choosy but Abinadi knew his choice before he even was arrested. He would stand up for what he believed no matter the circumstances even If it came to his life. That's how much he loved God. He gave his life.

I think I take advantage of God... I have so much fear as a missionary. I mean to the missionaries on Temole Sqaure they may see me as the outgoing person but on the inside I'm really fighting with myself all day long. I dont want to step out of my comfort zone but I do everyday. I am scared to share what I know to be true because I am scared I will be denied.

So, as I was reading I had a real big heart to heart with Father in Heaven. He knows better than I do the things that I can work on, and I know that I need to stand for what I believe and fear no man just like Abinadi was a great example of. He trusted in God with his whole being that he would die to show that trust.

I've noticed on my mission that I will never be a perfect missionary and if I'm not learning more and more every week I'm not honoring my call to be here. 3 more months baby!! and I'm excited to keep learning :))

Love you guys! Stay spicey
Sister Whitmarsh ✌🏻

We also got to meet with Vaha and some locals which was a totally party! He is getting baptized on Saturday so I'll let you know all about that next week:))) We also did a service project for refugees :)))) and got some yummy ice cream!


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