August 21, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Moala

UPROAR- Week 51

Hey Home slices!!!

This week we have had so many fun quirky opportunities tossed at us and I'm just gonna throw em out there! I won't be online at all later because TODAY we are going to hike the pioneer flats as a mission so we are super excited for that! I sure am grateful for the sacrifice they made! And grateful that we get a little taste of it :)))

We had a lice outbreak in our mission and it has been so funny! I know that's not an initial reaction to have but when you put foreign sisters together and tell them they might have bugs in their hair... it's the biggest uproar I've ever seen! Luckily Sister Moala and I are #SAFE but our roommates not so much so we stayed up all night deep cleaning! Fun stuff Haha

I also got to go on exchanges with Sister Flynn from Kansas! She's a bundle and it was so good to catch up! We were blessed to have some crazy experiences with some crazy people Haha that's Temple Square for ya ;) but I also got to have a little Dutch lesson with a cute family from Holland! It was like I was a natural or something... maybe I'm like 25% Dutch or something Haha

I also got to see my girl Ellie from the down below land! She heads off to the MTC today and then hits it in Russia for 18 months! It was good to catch up! Definitely such a huge blessing of serving at Temple Square!

As for our gathering Israel progression! Sister Moala and I have been sending a shockin amount of referrals! And I know that doesn't seem too hard to do but! Let me tell ya! Our job is to call people and entice and convince them what they want is to meet with missionaries. I mean... It is not an easy task but we have been so blessed this week! I also may or may not search through the list to find specific areas so I can call my friends on missions! It sure does keep me motivated Haha

I hope ya have a good one! It's been a hoot chatting with you! Thank you for all the love and support! You're the best!

Much love,
Sister Whitmarsh :)))

50 NW Temple St BSVC
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150


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