August 7, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Moala

Ya da BOM- Week 49

Hey Ya'll!!!

Okay so here we go!! Another week, another bunch of sentences to share! This week had a lot goin down. Sister Moala and I still haven't found anyone to teach which has been a little bit of a killa but we have been taking a crazy amount of tours! #blessed. I have had a tad of a tough time transitioning back into giving tours, mostly because Sister Moala and I haven't given one in so long that we would ask each other about the facts in the tour or quite literally just make them up on the spot. It's been pretty funny from our side but I feel sorry for the people that we've convinced of some pretty ridiculous things :)

ANYWAYS!! We had Zone Conference this week! It's the best day of the whole transfer! We talked a lot about being better. I think it's really amazing to see that I love change now. I love the idea that each and everyday I am able to change and to improve and become the person I have the potential of becoming. In no way am I close, I know I have a while to go still but I sure am grateful for the change that is still to come. Sister Moala and I also were called on to give roleplay in front of everyone and let's just say... Sister Moala cried and I couldn't stop thinking of jokes that I could crack about her crying... That's what I like to call comp unity.

We also were able to take a group of 40 Young Women from Farmington Utah on a tour around Temple Square. It wasn't planned in the sligthest but they walked in and stopped us at the gate as we were about to head home so, what do ya know we took a tour! I love youth with a burning passion! It was by far my most favorite tour I have taken my whole mission! It was such a (spiritual) party!! We did the normal thing and and took them around to the normal hostoric sites, cracked some jokes, made up some stuff and that would normally be it, but Sister Moala and I thought these girls needed to see the Christus. We took them up and played the audio of Christ speaking. We then stood up and shared our testiomony of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and I know I have said before that when someone feels the spirit for the first time it's a wonderful experience to be apart of, but when you have 40 teenagers who are questioning so many things and they feel the spirit for the first time in a long time... it's such a blessing to be the one able to testify that our Father in Heaven loves us. Oh man we went through boxes of tissues and a lot of blubber hugs haha. It was just what I needed to realize that Temple Square is where I need to be.

Love you guys!! I hope you have a good time and make good choices! Ya da BOM!! get it? BOM... Book of Mormon?

Sister Whitmarsh :))))

Oh, here is my addy!

50 N West Temple St RM BSVC
Salt Lake City UTAH 84150


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