July 31, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Moala

Who would've thunk- Week 48

G'day!!! Hello everyone! I hope your week has been a party and you've enjoyed every minute of it!

This week we haven't had too much going on. On Wednesday we celebrated Pioneer Day! We actually went to "This is the Place". Just to give you low down, Pioneer day is really only celebrated in Utah and it's pretty much a second July 4th! It's pretty huge and it's all to celebrate the Pioneers entering the Utah Valley! And "This is the Place" is where Brigham Young, the Prophet at the time stopped on his treck and said it was the place! SO! There's a little history sesh for ya! Hope you enjoyed... that's my kinda of History ;)

I was also able to do MTC contacting with a Sister going to the Paris Visitors Centre!! Her name is Sister Sandres! That was a straight party, She kept it real! Oh and she was from Athens Georgia and her YSA ward was in my area! Our minds were totally blown when we figured it out #GEORGIAN4LYFE

Other than that this week has been a little on the ordinary side. Sister Moala and I started from scratch coming back from outbound and we haven't had too much luck growing our teaching pool. It has been a great opportunity to work on patience as well as faith. We know there is someone we need to find and now we need to put in the work to make it happen.We also have noticed since coming back the importance of obedience as a missionary. Who would've thunk it would take me a whole year but I'm grateful I've figured it out now. Obedience really does bring blessings.

Oh and totally casual I hit my year mark last week! I made it baby!! Yeehaw!

I love you all! Hope you have a grand week! Ya da bestest!

Sister Whitmarsh :)))


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