July 15, 2019


Atlanta Georgia North Mission


Sister Edwards and Sister Marriott

Catch ya on da flip- Week 46

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!!!

What a week! I think I start every email with that because in all honesty every week is better than the last! I also have completely run out of things to say at the beginning of my emails where I don't sound too weird but as you can see I am failing to the max at that currently :)

I also am not sure if you've noticed just yet but I have become a tad lazy when it comes to the emailing game. I noticed that pictures are enough to tell a tale but this week I am going to bless you with a light chunky soup. But not a full meal because I am still pretty lazy. It truly Is a work in progress and I just need to put it out there that I am in the recovery period so you can keep me accountable ;)

I leave Georgia in just 2 days and I am hurtin! I'm going to miss this beautiful place so much! The spirit here really is a whole new one I have never felt before. I have grown to love the people and I really feel like my heart is being ripped out a little everytime I say goodbye to someone! Kinda like a woodpecker is going at it Haha. But! thank goodness for technology! Sorry for being a little dramatic but Georgia really has become home and I'm excited to come back a say a big hello to all the crazy peeps ❤

This week was so spirit led when I came to knocking doors! We went to this apartment complex fairly early in the day to do some knocking which is pretty abnormal for us because that's when the peeps sleep! Anyway, we were knocking some doors that had previously been taught by missionaries and not one person opened! It was a bit of a bummer and we were kinda ready to head home for some lunch, but we kept saying one more after the next. Turned out pretty great if you don't mind me saying. Even if one more after the next turned into 10 more haha.

We knocked on this one door and a young Mum popped her head out and asked us who we were. We gave her the full low down that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ. She opened the door right up! For those of you who are like okayy?? that's odd! Very rare Haha

We sat in her home and had an amazing discussion about what we believe. She had so many questions and so many concerns that had been brought up from her previous church's that our gospel answered for her. My favorite part was when we told her that families can be together forever. I don't think a Mum wants to hear anything less.

We were all crying and so happy to have found each other that day. Her Mum was also there and not too fond of us but listened to what we had to say. As the young Mum walked us out she gave us all big hugs and through tears said "I prayed to God that someone would come and help me and you knocked on my door... thank you"

Oh my! The spirit hit me like a truck! Sister Marriott, Edwards and I walked straight to the car and said a prayer of gratitude. We had been praying so hard this week to find someone that we can teach and he answered our prayers. What a cool guy.

I also got to see the whole mission earlier this week and you know that was a party!! So good to see the home slices!! I also had to say some sad goodbyes to the Branch Members!! Hence the baby #oooops and you already know Georgia has the best views.

Stay safe! Stay livin! Don't be strangers! Catch ya @ the Temple ❤

Sister Whitmarsh :))))

Oh and! My p-day will now be on Wednesday! And my addy is below ;)

50 n west temple st rm BSVC
Salt lake city UTAH


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