June 24, 2019


Atlanta Georgia North Mission


Sister Edwards and Sister Marriott

Keeeeen- Week 43

Hello hello!!!

Okay! So, this is a story all about Duncan... haha my story telling skills are a little sub par lately probably because I've been slacking on my weekly's #oops but stick through it and hop on for a joy ride ;)

You may have already noticed but I was not too keen on being called to Blairsville but super optimistic about it! I knew it was for a reason and I was hoping I'd figure it out sooner than later Haha and boy oh boy I sure did!!

My first day here we ran into a little hiccup when we realized there was no sheets for my bed... I was a little bit of a dingus and forgot to pack them :) anyway, we decided to go to a dollar general and we ran I to some hot deals! When we first walked in we saw this little scrawny kid about our age and what do three 19 year old missionaries do when they see a boy their age? Oh let me tell ya we walk right past, and we did just that. And we did again and again until about the fourth time when we realized that maybe just maybe we should be a missionaries and talk to him. Oh I am so grateful we did.

I'm going to speed this up a tad. Long story short 3 days later we had a message from a lady in our ward asking us if we knew Duncan? And of course we did! We chatted in dollar general! She then mentioned that her son Gabe (the only youth in our whole branch) and him were friends. So, member work is a blessing because they brought him to church and we just happened to be teaching the youth Sunday school!! Yehoo!! Anyone else already seeing all these tender mercies?!

Turns out we taught a pretty killer lesson because we woke up with a cool text from Duncan saying I want to learn about the Book of Mormon and that was his first mistake! Hehe

Starting on Tuesday this last week, we had a lesson with Duncan everyday and was able to teach him all of the messages about the Gospel of Jesus Christ we share as missionaries. I have never seen someone's faith and testimony of Jesus Christ grow so much and so fast.

Duncan has been an amazing example to me on how the spirit can be a guidance in our everyday life. We knew from our first lesson with Duncan the Lord had prepared him for us that day.

On Saturday morning we got a super unexpected but expected text from Duncan saying that Heavenly Father told him the night before that he needed to be baptized the following day. Let me tell ya Heavenly Father told us the exact same thing. So we got it done! It took a lot of leg pulling but we pulled through ;)

Yesterday, Duncan was baptized and confirmed a Member of the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint.

Definitely a miracle that I sure will be keen on sharing the rest of my life.

Love you all!


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