June 17, 2019


Atlanta Georgia North Mission


Sister Edwards and Sister Marriott

Ahhhhh.. Where-ville???- Week 42

Okay home dawgs! I'm gonna put this in summary form really quick! So, I may have told a little fib last week! I really thought Sister Hoffman was going to be my new comp but it turns out Heavenly Father didn't like that plan! I woke up on Tuesday morning and had a very pleasant text from my mission president saying to have all my things packed and ready in 30 minutes because I was getting transferred!! Wehooo! Fun Fact! I learnt a new skill Haha I'm a speedy fast packer! HMU if you ever need a hand! Really though, shoving stuff in and sitting on the suitcase for it to close is the way to go! #recommended

To keep this snappy! I was moved to the complete opposite end of my mission... in this place called Blairsville, GA! Ever heard of that? Oh same! Sameeeee! Also, I think I'm just here because neither of them can drive Haha oh God works in mysterious ways let me tell ya! My new companions are!!! Sister Edwards and Sister Marriott >>> yes she is related to the hotel guys Haha how rad is that!! Haha let me put is this way... we are NOT a dynamic-trio ;) Just kidding! It's PEACHY... lol get it peach state? Ha Georgia

So, Blairsville is wildddd... my branch is a hoot Haha so here's what's up I'm pretty sure this place is a retirement area! So there's about 40 people in my branch and they all pretty much can't drive and I'm not too sure how we have such a whopping turn out at church! It's impressive to say the least!

Mmmm also! Fun fact ladies! Deb! Was baptized this weekend... I wasn't able to know Debbie too well before she was baptized but this woman! WOW! We have the most spiritual connection when it comes to music! She loves Post Malone! It was the first thing she asked me and whoop now we're best friend! An even more spiritual experience was watching her enter the waters of baptism. The spirit was so strong and I know that even though Blairsville isn't where I thought I would be I knew I needed to be here to feel the spirit I felt when Deb was baptized! #blessed

Anyways! Big shootout to Papa Rich!! Happy Fathers day :)) loveeeee you heaps!!

Much love guys! My new addy is below and I promise you this area is so cool so stuff won't get swiped!

Have a good one! Much love,
Sister Whitmarsh :)))

507 Emory Circle Apt D
Blairsville, GA 30512


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