May 6, 2019


Atlanta Georgia North Mission


Sister Lu & Sister Olsen

Sorry I just got WIFI- Week 36

Hello hello!
This week has been a little bit of a blur so I'm sorry for the lack of info! BUT I have had some amazing experiences though and I am so grateful for Georgia already! I honestly don't want to leave!! I have set my ground and it's gonna be tough to go back haha I've had some good food, some good company and some good conversations Haha what more could I ask for ;)

I am not sure about you but talking to someone face to face is so much more personal than over the phone! I feel like the relationships I've made just this past week have me set for life. Everyone here is so loving and the tender miracles that happen every day are woah!! I really can't comprehend the lords love for us!

I am in a trio with Sister Lu from Taiwan and Sister Olsen from Sac town!! They are a hoot and they are always doing things that make me laugh! We are serving in the Athens area, kinda around Georgia University. GO DAWGS!? Something I have really noticed about Georgia is you have to be confident and If you're not then haha you better go home!! At first, I was thinking Sister Lu and Olsen were just these cute girls that would be a little scared when it comes to some of the people in Georgia but HECK NO!! They have no fear! There will be people doing the sketchiest things and guess what!! They don't care hahah they walk right up to them and start a conversation while I keep walking the other way. They are the literal definition of no fear.

Truly are on the Lord's errand and really don't care if anything stands in their way. They are constantly wanting the spirit with them and are always striving to share the message of the restored Gospel. I am so excited to leave here with no fear, or at least a little less!

Other than that Haha I hope you all have a good one!

Sister Whitmarsh :))))


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