May 27, 2019


Atlanta Georgia North Mission


Sister Lu & Sister Olsen

Just a list- Week 39

Hello Hello!!
I was so excited to tell you everything about this week but yet again I am so bad at remembering to write my emails to you! So, I thought with my lack of time I would write down a few key things that have happened this week and if you have any questions about any of them feel free to ask me to explain them better and I will get back to you speedy fast next week ;)

Here we go!!!

- My bangs are growing back and the humidity makes them bloom!
-I played with chickens this week and lowkey cried because I miss Parma my chicken from back home.
-I held a Guinea Pig for the first time since a traumatic event that shall not be named happened.
-I got new mascara and it's the bomb. I highly recommend!
-We put two people on baptismal date!! Zebidiah and Bart :)))
-We found over 15 new people to teach!
- I had no idea that cigarettes were that big here Haha my throat hurts every morning because I inhale so much smoke everyday. Wild.
- don't know if you've ever been in a trio but lol they are SO great!!
- I miss you guys.
- I went to families in my ward homes for dinner and they make some bomb food!
- I miss mums cooking
- I get roasted in a whole new way here in Georgia.
-I also never want to leave my mission. I love it here and I love the feeling.
- I have 10 bug bites on each leg! They love my ginger juice!
- I have just over 7 months here and I'm all in!
- It has been a good week!
- I am almost done with the Book of Mormon!

I love you all!! I hope you have a good week!

Sister Whitmarsh :)))


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