April 26, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Smith



It has been a minute and I am so excited to share some fun stuff!! SO first item of business would be that I have been reassigned for 3 months to another mission! Starting next Wednesday I will be part of the Georgia Atlanta North Mission!! I am more than pumped but I will be back at Temple Square working the phone calls in no time ;) But I am so excited to have this new humid experience and be in the south! I'm gonna need some good SPF!!

Other than that these past two weeks Sister Smith and I have done some crazy finding and have been so so successful! (s/o to Smitty for those) Something we have really learned the importance of this transfer is setting goals. We really have noticed that as we set goals and actually stick to them and try out best to not break them the miracles come flowing. We seem to set some crazy one at times, but it's amazing to see that we receive so many blessings that it really is just a whole other learning experience rather than a sacrifice.

Sister Smith and I have been teaching this amazing man named Edmund from Tanzania! Let me tell ya this man has faith! He is amazing and it has been more than awesome to watch his testimony grow. Sister Smith found Edmund on chat in January and she taught him all the lessons in just a few days and he couldn't get enough. He loved the teachings of Christ that we shared with him so much that he would travel every week into the village to share it. He would gather families together and he would preach and teach and testify of what he knew to be true. In Tanzania, they don't have the luxury of having a chapel down the road. The closest Church to Edmund was in Dar es Salaam which was about an 8-hour trip away from him. He knew the importance of going to church so Edmund saves for weeks at a time to make it to Church by a series of bus, taxi, and motorcycle. He is a trooper if you don't mind me saying :) Just a few Sunday's ago Edmund was able to make it to Church for the second time and receive a Baptismal date for May 11th. As well as a date he was able to take back a box full of Book of Mormon's and pamphlets he could share with the people he is teaching in his home, Morogoro.

Edmund has been an amazing example of faith to me. He loves the Lord and he trusts him no matter what. He sacrifices so much to serve him and share his Gospel. I think I take this time on my mission for granted too much. I think I need to have some more faith like Edmund and testify what I know to be true more boldly. He has no fear! He KNOWS this church is true and he is not afraid to share that with anyone. He's a pretty cool guy. I'll attach a picture below of him teaching all his friends @ a dinner appointment. He makes a pretty great missionary!

Love you all bunches! See ya next time but from Georgia! Pray for me haha

Sister Whitmarsh :)))


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