April 12, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Smith

True, Pure, and Simple- Week 36


This week has been AWESOME!! It's been a long one but one of the coolest at the least! Conference was CRAZY!! There were so many people here and so many people to talk to! It really was like getting candy on Halloween! My spiritual eyes were buggin!!

Sister Smith and I were super duper lucky to attend the Saturday afternoon session and it was prepared so perfectly just for us to hear. Before going to conference you usually will go with a prayerful question that you have and go with an open mind to receive personal revelation to what you asked. Well, it was answered for sure. Something about me that you may already know is I always want to be doing better or in a prideful way, I want to do everything perfectly. It's hard for me to say haha but I am far from perfect, I really struggle with accepting that. My Dad would like to say I have OCD and growing up I denied it but my mission has taught me in a way it a good thing. It means that I am always striving to improve or do my best (I fail most of the time but eh I get back up haha)

WELL, the conference was all about improving, whether it be at missionary work, or as a member of a family or even just being a member of Christ's Church. It was all about improving and becoming the best of us. We weren't just left hanging though and just told haha you can figure the rest out, they told us ways that we can be better. The main one being through the True, Pure and Simple Gospel of Christ. That was my answer. I won't tell you my question but! Maybe you can ask God your own question and watch a little of Conference and you'll find yours too ;)

Have a good one!! Love you all!!

Sister Whitmarsh :))))


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