April 5, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Smith

His Church- Week 34

Hello Friends and Fam!!!

I have had such a killer week that too much good stuff has happened to share with ya but no worries! I'm just going to put a little plug for General Conference below ;)

Starting tomorrow morning we have the opportunity to hear from the living Prophet and the Apostles. Serving on Temple Square I get asked a lot about leadership in the Church and how we know that they really are called of God. I have a few responses that I like to share following up this question. The main one being do you think God loves us? and from that we normally stem to discussions of Prophets and how they are a way that God shows his love for us.

I know God loves us. I know that he has given us a living Prophet on the earth today who is a messenger sent from God and he in every way is helping Christ to restore HIS church in these Latter-days. Then I would ask, would you like to listen to some words that have been given to us from the Prophet today? They normally say no but I thought I would ask you if you would like to listen to the messages of these leaders? I am hoping at least some of you said yes :)))

AND if you did you're in luck because this weekend we are able to listen to the messages Christ has prepared so perfectly through these Leaders. I'm gonna attach the link below and I would love to answer any other questions you have about General Conference and if you have any questions about how you can watch it. Also, I love ya!! Have a good week!!!

Sister Whitmarsh :))) HERE IS THE LINKYYYY


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