March 22, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

FRI YAYYY- Week 32


Okay, so this week has been a little wild! We had transfers and I had to say a big bye-bye to Sister Perez! Miss her so much already! She is doing big things ;) I have a new companion now and no worries next week I will have a ton of pictures with her! This is actually a really funny story! So, Sister Smith is my new companion! She is from Mesa, AZ and we were roommates at EFY when we were 16! How fun is that?! We still remember so much from our late night talks and it's funny going from chatting and joking before the mission about being companions to being companions! Talk about how much God loves us! We still feel likes it's some big joke and we'll get switched any day but I have never had so much Joy. I have learned so much from Sister Smith already and she just makes me want to be better. I am so excited about what these next 6 weeks have in store for us! I reckon it's gonna be a blast!

Yesterday we taught a lesson to our friend Jeremy. Sister Perez and I actually met Jeremy at the mall when we were buying lunch one day and he walked right up to us and ask us if we could teach him about our book! WELLL haha, music to my little uneven ears! As I was introducing Sister Smith to him and what we wanted to talk about you really could just see his eyes brighten. Could've been because Sister Smith is a stunner but I am just going to convince myself that it was him getting excited haha. He without a doubt was prepared for us yesterday. I'm gonna be honest though we were a little nervous mainly because we don't teach lessons face to face very often so we were sweating bullets for sure! Good thing Jeremy was sweating bullets too so we all seemed to be on the same page in some aspects.

Our plan for Jeremy was to help him understand our belief that we have a living Prophet on the earth today and as we were chatting we were thinking how we could mix up our lessons a little more so they're not all in the mall. We had a superrrr bright idea of bringing him to the live broadcast of General Conference in the upcoming weeks. Sister Smith and I were so excited and so was he! Lucky for us he had no excuse to say he had work because the mall is closed on Sunday's. hehe got him. I will be sure to keep you updated on that!

Sorry, this is a shorty but I will be sure to give you a Jeremy update next week and a more in-depth General Conference explanation too! I hope you have a poppin week my dudes!

Much Love,
Sister Whitmarsh

My p-day is now FRI YAYYY catch me then ;)
This is our new view
I really like the Temple Doors
Sister Perez and Sister Woods ;(


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