March 14, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

I was wrong- Week 31


Well, this week has been better than the last! I really think I realized it isn't the things that are happening that are making me feel that way but it's the way I think. I don't know if any of you have tried but retraining your brain is the hardest thing ever! It's like training a college student to not rely on energy drinks on finals week! I mean it's possible but it is not an easy nut to crack let me tell ya. I'm sitting here right now thinking how I can turn this into a gospel principle and all I can imagine is Heavenly Father thinking. "you're telling me." He has to deal with that every day but with everyone on the earth. Now that's a task.

I'm gonna tell a quick little story that I barely remember so bare with me. I had a really cool experience in the Tabernacle this week with Alfred and Dave, cool guys... I don't remember most of what happened but I do remember how I felt after. So, I was standing by the door and these two older Men walked in and both turned to me and said, "We wanna get baptized". For those of you who are like huhhh, pretty much you do not joke about that with missionaries haha. I just looked at them and chuckled and before I could say anything snarky back they dodged me and walked away as fast as they could. Little do they know I have a fast pace too and they did not get far HA. We started to chat and it didn't take me long to realize that they didn't really like our church too much. Something about people who don't like our churchman, they are drawn to me and I am drawn to them. It's perfect as a missionary at Temple Square. I learn so much each time!

In this particular situation, they kept firing questions at me and I answered. Of course there were some I couldn't and I just said it to them, Hey I don't know and they didn't either so I didn't feel too bad :) But then good old Alfred started quoting scriptures at me and oh boy for those of you who know me I am not a huge reading person aka I have only really started studying the scriptures while on my mission. AT THIS POINT OOO I WAS MMM YEAH. This is where I learned something not only about myself but about relying on the spirit. Alfred was ripping into the Bible and I was hitting him right back (lovingly of course) but I can't begin to explain to you the things I was sharing with him and I don't even remember but I caught him in his words so many times where he just stepped back and said, "Thank you, I was wrong about what you believe... but you should still look into other churches." MUSIC TO MY EARS! I mean to one ear at least.

The spirit is so important. I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone here on my mission without the spirit by my side. I wouldn't be able to study the scriptures and understand them. I am so grateful for the constant companionship I have from the spirit and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and I have the opportunity to share that every day. Especially to Alfred and Dave's.

Have a hoot of a week!
Sister Whitmarsh :)))

We went to a chapel to place volleyball! A REAL CHAPEL!!!
The Temple is pretty pretty
Mum, It's sprite I promise
You used to call me on your headset
Snow snow go away


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