March 7, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

Toughy- Week 30

I've run out of ways to say Hello so I am just going hit ya with a simple, Hey, how are ya?

I hope your week has just been so good! Mine has been good! But I have definitely had better haha. We are coming to the end of a transfer! So it's been a little wild here! Sisters are getting ready to go home or outbound and some are prepping for the new ones coming soon. It's a little hectic if you ask me. Also, I am not too fond of the end of the transfer because you have to say goodbye to so many people. This one is going to be a toughy simply because the girls going home are the ones who I wanted to be like when I got here and woah. It's hard to see that walk away and realize you're still here for a little more ;)

So, this week some fun things have been going on! I went on exchanges 3 times! I used to hate exchanges with a passion! It made me so uncomfortable having to leave a companion that I do everything with and rely on them for everything to venturing with someone you've never met before. But now I love exchanges so much!! Something about getting to know so much about someone is such a short period of time is just amazing! You get to see how they teach and study how they deal with certain situations, but my favorite thing is you cram so much information down each other's throats that you walk away with a greater love than you ever thought. I just love em! Gotta mix it up sometimes!

I wish I could tell you about everything that happened this week but If I am being honest I had a really hard week and I'm having a really hard time remembering all the good things that happened but that's okay because next week is going to be better! I know that I have weeks like this for a reason and I seem to learn the most when times are the toughest so I am excited to learn more. You gotta experience the bad to know the good.

Have a great week!
Sister Whitmarsh :)))

OK!!! I saw Bree Bastian! So Tender!
M&M's have some new flavors! Check em out!
Facemasks! S/O to Tay!


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