February 28, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

Quirky Testimony-Week 29


This week I was able to go on exchanges with my district leader from Thailand! Her name is Sister Kunphramueang! After butchering her name so much she ended up saying I sound like a local, but I know she was just being nice because I can promise you in no way can I say any of it right! She was probably just fed up with me saying it over and over trying to get it haha

I love exchanges so much because it gives you a chance to see how others do missionary work. These past 10 weeks I feel like I have been in a routine and just asking as many people as possible, Where are you from?... Oh cool!!... What brings you to Temple Square today?

I'm not sure about you but it gets a little old after a while but it simply is the best way to start and conversation and find common ground. Sister Kunphramueang and I made a goal Yesterday to not ask anyone those questions until we had talked to them for about 5 minutes and oh my! IT WAS SO FUN!!!

We were able to have an hour of time in one of the Visitors Center's and it was the best hour of my mission so far. I had the most bizarre conversations but they truly were the best. My favorite one started off with this, "Hey! I used to have your hair color but I dyed it because I didn't like being called a Ginger" This guy named Noah shot back at me, " WOAH you are such a disgrace to our race." The rest was history! He also had a friend named Alex who was right next to him and we just talked and talked. They asked me about my life, I asked about there's a then Alex looked at me and said, "How can I become a member of your Church because I want what you have." I was in shock! I quite literally had no idea what to say because I had never gotten that far in a conversation before and I really can't remember how I replied I kinda just opened my mouth. I must have done something right because she then looked at me a smiled and asked where she could get a Book of Mormon. I want you to all imagine me doing a little awkward dance because that's exactly what I was doing. Not in my head though haha but right in front of them! They both just laughed at me as I slowly and so awkwardly handed them the ones I had in my hands.

Well, everyone! Alex and Noah made my week and I hope they kinda made yours too. Now I really am just hoping that our one-hour conversation made an impact more than my awkward dancing and quirky testimony. But I am so grateful I was the one that was able to share it. AH, I love this mission and as hard as it gets being away sometimes I really wouldn't have it any other way. I never knew I needed that reminder in my life but It shocks me more and more every day by these situations just how much God's hand is in my life.

Have an amazing week!
Much Love!!!
Sister Whitmarsh :)

We got to go to EAST HIGH!!!! You're a real one if you know what that is ;)
Sister K and taro
Couldn't tell ya haha
It's Thai fish
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