February 21, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

Finding deeper meaning- Week 28

G'day!! How ya goin'? Howzit goin'? I hope you week has been a ripper!!

It has been a grand week! I got to chat with you all a tad last Thursday and something really amazing happened the day after. The church actually announced that missionaries now have the opportunity to video-chat or give our families a call once a week! I mean I still very much appreciated the emails but I don't know... something about talking face to face just makes it a little more special. I'll update you on how my first call goes a little next week ;)

Then earlier this week we had Zone Conference! I know I have said this before but it is the best conference in the world! This one was a little more special. We actually had a General Authority come and meet with us and WOW! We were so privileged to have Elder Callister come and talk with us for an hour. He spoke so beautifully, my jaw was dropped the whole time. Something really unique about Elder Callister was he spoke solely by what he was promoted to say. He had no notes and no ideas of what he wanted to say beforehand. He just stood up and spoke. It was amazing to see how the Lord had prepared him to share what he shared with us. He focused mostly on what our message as Missionaries is and what we need to make the main focus of it. I thought I had been doing a really good job at sharing the Gospel until he shared a deeper meaning to our message. I guess that's my mission in a phrase. Finding deeper meaning.

Everything this week seems to have come at the perfect time. The Gospel is perfect. God's plan for us is perfect. Christ is perfect. This week has been almost perfect. I wish I could share the perfection that I've found in my life with everyone.

Sister Whitmarsh :)))

Also!!! I am an official American! I passed my Citizenship Test!! Turns out paying attention in US history really helped me out!
Sister Perez and I got to pretend to be guests for a training tour
We also got to attend another Baptism! Sister Szendre and I took this man on a Tour a few months ago. Coolest experience to see how much he changed from the first time we met him. The Church is true!!


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