February 7, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

Call me a magnet- Week 26


I'm just gonna jump right in!! This week has breezed by! Transfers happened and it has been an emotional wreck haha! The worst part of it is I finally learn Sisters names and they leave! Then we get 30 new Sisters and I learn all there names again! My brain frankly can't handle it!

My week! In a nutshell is my oven broke! Therefore all the Zucchini bread Sister Perez and I made totally flopped! Note to self. IF you stay up past bedtime your oven WILL break. Thought I'd test it out for you all! You're welcome ;)

This week I have come to an amazing realization. I am a magnet to those who don't like our church or who simply only believe in what we don't believe. Don't get me wrong! Totally a okay but I have learnt so so much this week. Without a doubt, everyday so far, even this morning I have gotten into really great discussions with people who don't agree with what we believe. I love it. I in all honesty would prefer to talk with someone who has negative opinions rather than not knowing a whole lot about our church. I don't know about you but I have a really weird mindset that I believe that I can change someones opinions even if their sole purpose is to bring me down and make me feel like I know nothing. It's probably one of the greatest motivations I have to continue to learn and study. This week I have had people coming to me attacking me for what I believe but ending the conversation with them saying "can we talk tomorrow? I want to learn more?"

At the beginning of my mission I measured success as a missionary through the number of baptisms Sisters had or the number of Book of Mormon's they gave out. Everyone measures success in a different way and it has taken me a while to realize success doesn't have a category of one way you can succeed, it leaves it open for us to choose where we will succeed. I don't know if I am making any sense, but if I leave my mission succeeding in changing a few people's opinions of our church, to me I was successful.

Stay warm! I'm getting frost bite not sure about you :)

Sister Whitmarsh :))

We went to Pauls Baptism!! Cool guy!
OH YEAH! Cool book!
District Yomies!!


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