January 17, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

A pretty huge chunk- Week 24

I know this is going to be hard to believe but it has been 6 months! How wild is that! I made it everyone! One third is a huge chunk! I never thought I would say this but it really needs to slow down. I will be home in less than a year and I feel like I have so many more things to learn and improve on. A year just isn't enough.

I hold this mission so close to my heart and I can't even imagine a life without the tag. I've hit a point where I don't see anything in life as important as this short time I have here. It truly has opened my eyes. Lucky for me I live right down the street so I can just come back whenever I need a pick me up, but woah it's going too fast.

This past week I've had a couple of fun experiences! I have to say my favorite actually happened on Sunday morning. Sister Perez and I were sitting in our mission home getting ready for a tour when we got a call from a sister saying we better go to our tour soon because we have a bunch of men waiting to for us. I was, to say the least not so eager haha I was actually so nervous. My first initial thought was they are going to tear us apart! But what do you know we got upstairs and we have about 20 fully grown men who totally towered over us turn and say "Aye Sistasss! are you our tours guides?" It was at that moment I knew it was going to be a good one! These guys had never met before coming to Utah and were actually on a climbing trip that had been going on for about a month already and they pretty much just live out of vans and travel to the best climbing spots in the states! They seemed pretty gnarly!

Well, we started this tour and of course, they were cracking the original jokes and stereotypes about our church and Sister Perez and I would crack them right back and I guess you could say we put them in their place haha. About halfway through this tour it all stopped and there seemed to be this calm go upon them. They would actually listen and ponder the things we said. I think the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed on my mission happened that day. I got to testify and share what I know to be true with these 20 men and I witnessed the spirit fill their hearts. Some of them had no idea what it was. Some tried to laugh it off and it didn't work too well and some even cried.

I had the opportunity to share with them that is was the spirit and that they could feel that every day if they choose to follow Christ and his teachings. I have never given away so many Book of Mormons from a tour my whole mission. The killer is not one of them will reply to me but I know what they felt. I know they knew what I was saying was true. It may take a little more time for them to contact me or it may take other missionaries, but I know that I planted that feeling in their hearts. There is no denying that. It sure was one for the books.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support you give me always! Stay fruity!
Much Love,
Sister Whitmarsh

Keep that breath freshhh
6 months ;)


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