January 10, 2019


Temple Square


Sister Perez

A Greater Respect- Week 23

Bonjour!!! Thought I'd bring back my hello's in a different language. Solely because I think my English is making a comeback but we will see :)

WELL, this week! All I can say is well. It has been a fun one. I will be honest, it has been in ways so challenging but also so good. Seems like I say that every week but this week I mean it.

We had Zone Conference yesterday, pretty much the best thing that can happen to a missionary when they've hit a stump. It's a whole lot of tears and motivation put into one! I know it doesn't sound too appealing by that description but I promise you! It's like eating candy after a longgg diet.

What a surprise! I am now going to share my favorite part! We had a really good discussion on how we can magnify our calling. Magnify, means to hold something at a greater respect. I will be honest sometimes I really demean my calling. I look at it as something so little when it's purpose is so great. We discussed three things we can do to help us magnify them even more. We can sacrifice, prepare and be unified. These all stuck out to me so much! Brighter than LED lights!

All of these things are needed for me to be the best missionary I can be. I need to be unified because who wants contention? That's no fun. I need to be prepared because people are sent here for a reason and if that reason is for them to hear my testimony it sure would be a shame if I wasn't prepared. I need to sacrifice. I need to give up the things that in the past have been so easy to come by. I need to give it all because that exactly what Christ did.

I see my calling with a greater respect and I am so grateful that everyday as I strive to be unified with not only those around me but with the lord. As I prepare and as I sacrifice I am doing everything I can to magnify my calling.

Also, I love you all!! I hope all is going swell!! Have a good time ;)

Sister Whitmarsh

It was time for a switch up again!!!! Back to brunette!
Sister Romero!!!
We tried to find more pants but what do ya know, my legs are too long :)))


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