December 17, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Perez

He was, He is, and is to come- Week 19

Hello hello!!!
Well, it is transfer week!! It's getting quite wild and hectic down here at Temple Square, but don't worry we can handle this. I do have some good news though! Sister Lomu and I aren't companions anymore!! (see picture below for how well this transfer went haha) That's not the good news, but I am training! That's the good news ;) I am so excited! also very nervous! I have no idea how I am going to be someone's companion and teach them about Temple Square when I still have no idea about Temple Square!! If I thought my emotions were out of wack before, this week has shown me all my other breakdowns were simply normal lol.

Something else fun, but also so eyeopening that happened this week was a special speaker we had in our Sacrament meeting. Elder Rasband, who is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his Wife came and talked to our whole mission and let me tell you they were so fun!

They talked a lot about our purpose as a missionary, but most importantly our purpose at Temple Square and why we were specifically chosen to serve here. We are needed to build up the Kingdom of God on this earth. We are needed to share the light of Christ and be a beacon to all, but most importantly to become like Christ.

Elder Rasband ended his talk by sharing a message to us that the Prophet of the Church, Russell M. Nelson asked him to tell everyone he has the chance to so, I thought I could pass it down to all of you.
He said, "Tell them I love them. and thank you for embracing the Gospel and choosing to serve"

Oh man, when he said that I had shivers down my spine. We have a living prophet today who speaks to God. Who shares his love with us and does everything in his power to make sure everyone can return to live with him one day and I know that to be true. I love this Gospel. I love the faith that has grown within me and I love God. What more could I ask for?

I love you all!! Have a good week and happy holidays!

Sister Whitmarsh

My P-day in now Thursday!! So I will be back to chat then :)

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