December 27, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Perez

He Loves you- Week 21

This sure was a week for the books! I am so so grateful to be a missionary at this time of the year and even more grateful that I get to do it all over again next year ;) This past week I had so many miracles happen that have really changed my outlook of my mission.

The spirit of Christ is so real. The love that spreads this time of the year is SO real. I had a really cool experience earlier this week when I was at one of our assignments, God's plan. This is an interactive presentation about God's plan for the family and the importance of the family. I had this young Mum come past the door and ask if we could take her through. She seemed a little rough on the edges and her daughters had mismatched shoes and didn't have any coats on. As we started to take them through we had no idea the impact it would have not only on her but on Sister Perez and I. Earlier in the day Sister Perez and I were kinda down. It has been extremely hard this week to realize we are missionaries and accepting our mission is a little different. Especially with Sister Perez's being fairly new. Your first few weeks here on Temple Square you really are just trying to figure out how to be a missionary because what we're taught in the MTC does not prepare us for this mission at all. I have been trying to figure out the best way to help her realize that it may be different but the experiences we have are so different also and that our purpose is still the same.

Well, this Mum was an answer to my prayers. As we were taking this family through God's plan and moving room to room. Not only were we crying due to some slight homesickness but this Mum and all 3 of her daughters had tears in their eyes. We were lost for words, and we had no idea what to say, but I looked at this Mum and said God loves you and he knows you. Then she just hugged me and cried in my arms. I still had no idea what to say but I knew that she was feeling something and that we really only needed to let that Mum know that God loves her. As she walked away I looked at Sister Perez and she smiled and said, "that's why we're here."

It was a beautiful experience, and I couldn't have chosen a better way to teach both of us why we are here and what we are here to do.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas week and are looking forward to the New Year!

I love you all!!

Sister Whitmarsh :)

So!!! This week was sweet in another way also! I got to see my family!! (Love you all ;)) It was so so surreal!! Baby Ace has grown so much!! and I think my right arm doubled in size just from holding him for an hour! If that wasn't an indication how much my exercise is lacking I have no idea what is haha! My Mum and Dad also came to church with me on Sunday and I got to introduce them to a lot of the Sisters I serve with! Also, Sister Perez is still so amazing! Huge shout out to her for putting up with me!! Lots of Christmas fun and matching onesies!


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