December 4, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Lomu

Mâlô e lelei!- Week 17

I hope everyone is having a stellar week!! My companion taught me how to say hello is Tonga!! Hence the heading haha I can't stop saying it, but I will be honest that was copied and pasted from google translate because I have no idea how to spell it!

Well!! It's Christmas!!! It's officially December! It has been snowing like crazy, the city is lit up with lights all over the place, I have seen numerous car crashes and I cry almost every time I see a video about Christ. It honestly can't get more Christmas than that!

This week I have had a lot of things I thought I already knew being brought to light so much more. I have a few assignments at this time of the year when I am in charge of playing a movie on repeat over and over again. I know it sounds like quite the task! Let me tell you, it really is. It's like reading something many times through and getting something new from it each time. I have been playing this one video about Christ and how through the pure love of Christ we can light the world around this time of the year.

Around the point where I had watched this video over 10 times. I sat in a chair a started crying haha my companion could not stop laughing at me! That's how you know she used to this sort of thing, but I kid you not I was pouring rain drops lol. I don't exactly remember what part made me cry this way, but I do know what I was thinking. I simply want to be like Christ. I want to have every attribute Christ has. Christ is perfect and I am the furthest from being like Christ, but I want to try every day to be like Christ.

There's this cute little primary song I always used to sing when in my young youngin days. It's called 'I'm trying to be like Jesus' the main verse says, " Love one another as Jesus loves you, try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought, for these are the things Jesus taught" there isn't too much to say after that, but I am going to say something anyway... if we strive to be like Christ especially in this Christmas season you will notice a change in not only your own life but all around you. Try to be like Jesus.

Have an amazing week!!
Sister Whitmarsh 🎄

Here's the link to the video that made me cry haha

***I would love it if those of you who are interested in possibly receiving a Christmas card would send me your address!! pretty plssss***


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