November 26, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Lomu

4 months baby- Week 16

Nǐ hǎo!! I think that's right haha not sure!

Something I have realized throughout my mission so far is that I start every email with something about my week feeling like an eternity and I can promise you right now I will still be saying it the week before I go home! Because boy did this week feel like forever!! It has definitely been a good one though!
The Christmas lights have turned on here at Temple Square and It has been busy busy busy!! Thousands of people have been walking through all week and it has been a hoot! I think 4 months ago I would have sat down and figured out every way possible to avoid making eye contact with anyone and what do you know I am now the person everyone is trying to avoid eye contact with! It has been really fun to scan the crowds and notice those few people who are just thinking about what the heck is going on and I have the privilege of giving them that info!
Something cool we do as a church around Christmas time is 'Light the World' and simply put we find ways that we can share the light of Christ. It could be in your community, your family or simply your own faith. This week as I have started to share this I cry almost every time haha what's new. I love this season so much not only because of the joy I see all around me but the joy Christ can bring. Ask yourself Why Christmas? and the answer every time without a doubt will be Christ.

I love you all so much!! I hope you have a poppin week and don't forget to light the world ;)

Sister Whitmarsh

Here's the link for the Light the World Campaign if you're interested in learning a little more about it!! Ether 4:12 is also a great verse!

Sister Szendre may be gone but never forgotten!! and it's pretty cold!!


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