November 2, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Szendre

“Lets get down to business” Week 13

How are you all doing!? This week has been a blast!

It started off with a Zone activity! Which was bowling! It was so nice to wear pants, but I broke a nail so that was #tragic. The next day we went and did indexing as a Zone and I loved it! I really should have listened to my Dad when he told me it was fun. I will be honest though it took me the whole time to figure out and by the time I got it down we were leaving! So, I feel really bad for whoever needs to review my work! They will probably be redoing it all!

Halloween was a whole other story! First off Sister Szendre and I dressed up as Dorothy and the Lion! It was a hit! Temple Square closed super early for security reasons and the missionaries were all locked inside the gates. You may wonder what 200 Sister Missionaries do when we're locked in here and it was something I didn't expect. We played a huge game of capture the flag! It was awesome! If I knew this mission was this cool I would have saved myself a lot of tears! We ended the night by watching Mulan! That was a huge treat! I felt my eyes burning a little so that just shows how consecrated I am ;)

The following day of course I was exhausted from my slight cardio the night before and Sister Szendre and I were running quite a bit late for a meeting we had that morning. We were so frantic and running to make the light and then our legs started to hurt due to our lack of working out pt 2. As we were walking we had our heads down but at one moment we both looked up and ELDER GONG was right in front of us!!! Those are you who don't know Elder Gong is an member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Hence me fan-girling all the way to Temple Square :) This is where I realized as a missionary it's okay to be late sometimes! Just Kidding!

I am sorry for not sharing anything really missionary related this week but I do have a quick scripture I can share in Galatians Chapter 6 Verse 11 "Ye see how large a letter I have written unto you with mine own hand." SO LARGE!

I love and miss you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Sister Whitmarsh


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