October 10, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Szendre

Thrilling- Week 10

This week has been a literally thrilling! Thrillingly cold and thrillingly exhausting! Not the typical way you'd use the word thrill, but let me tell ya! It's been a thrill also!

This past weekend we had General Conference! Woah Woah Woah! It was so cool! I was able to attend my first live session and it was amazing! I think it was the first time I didn't fall asleep :) My Mum and Dad would be so proud! One of the unusual preparations for the conference is the street protesters which are quite typical at an event like this, but I was seeing it for the first time with my own eyes. I was advised to walk by and smile kindly, but let me tell you! It took every ounce in my body not to run up to them and say or do something that I would regret! That is proof right there that the mission is changing me for the better lol! I was also told that if I did I'd be sent home so If that doesn't show how all in I am for this mission, I don't know what does. At least now I know an easy out if ever needed ;)

As I mentioned last week I have a new companion Sister Szendre! She is still as amazing as ever, maybe even too amazing! My mouth is starting to hurt from laughing too much! But there was one specific day last week when I remember I only smiled for a little... for good reason! We were actually taking a tour and had well over 20 guests! In the Bible, the story of David and Goliath is the best way I can describe what happens next. Sister Szendre and I walked to our assigned tour, and we were ready to go just like Goliath was! We had planned and prepped! The spirit was strong and as we're getting to know everyone, cracking some jokes and out of nowhere got hit with a BIG stone (David's got a good shot let me tell ya). Turns out we had about 10 antis join our tour and try to smack us left and right. I will be honest we held our ground pretty well, but afterward, my faith and spirit was strengthened but also broken. It was such a weird feeling. When you know something to be so true but someone attacks that truth. It honestly felt like heartbreak and I am still kinda in the healing stage. Luckily I had the best remedy made just for me. (Goliath was not as fortunate of course)

I attended the Sunday afternoon session of conference, and it was so cool to see a reoccurring pattern throughout all the talks. The most prominent one to me was that we need to take upon the name of Christ and place his name on our hearts. I really came to a realization that he has the power to change our hearts if we let him, but as humans, we always seem to put up this roadblock where we let the ways of the world and others view impact the way we see and feel. We simply let our faith waver. It's really cool how these messages helped me through an issue and doubt I had from the day before.

I have said this so many time before, but what's one more time... If we put our trust and faith in God we will stand immovable. We have the potential to become as he is.

The Prophet of our Church, Russel M.Nelson closed the Conference with a super simple but straightforward phrase that I will never forget,

"This is his Church, We are his people"

Look to the future with enthusiasm! I hope you have a great week!

Sister Whitmarsh


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