October 24, 2018


Temple Square


Sister Szendre

Unlikely- Week 12

I hope you are all doing so well! I am sorry for not emailing last week! I know you all missed me so much ;) I have had quite the week! Normally I would start with a little rant but I've got nothing! If that doesn't show how changing the mission is I don't know what does. I may just be speaking too soon but stay tuned till next week to find out!

AHAH I spoke too soon! I had typed that out and realized something mentally scaring, but also so funny happened this week. As you all know I am serving at the headquarters of the church and we get a lot of protesters. I think I met my least favorite one of all! For the past week, we have had a protester standing in front of the Church Administration Building in a NAPPY!! (aka a diaper) This man has no shame! We have to walk past this building on the way home and it has been quite chilly, as we walked by yesterday my companion and I was bundled up and he simply yelled: "AHHH you two are dressing for the wrong weather, I am the only one dressed approximately here!" It took every ounce of me not to crack up laughing. We were told after that to walk a different way home. I guess you could say the main reason why I am upset is because of the extra distance that has been added to my walk home.

Now for the actual changing part that I mentioned earlier. I had a little conference/training this past week and it was quite amazing to sit down and learn how I can become a better missionary. It seems to me that right when I get comfy in what I am doing something else is thrown at me and if I am being honest I love it so much. It keeps me on my toes. Now if this had happened a few months ago I would have thrown my hangs up and walked away, but it truly is amazing to see the impact this gospel has made in my life. I sure am learning to love change.

Something really cool that was mentioned a lot at this training was how the Lord uses the unlikely. I wrote in my journal right after hearing it, "Sister Whitmarsh... you are the unlikely." Boy, I sure am the unlikely. Growing up in the church everyone is always so excited to serve a mission and I would sit and laugh at them. Now I am sure not laughing. I am on a mission and my main struggle seems to be asking myself why I am here? Why am I on a mission? Why me? It all seemed to stem back to the feeling of not being enough or not knowing enough. I was so unlikely to serve a mission and I was so unlikely to be called to Temple Square but what do you know. Here I am. I am the unlikely.

The Lord uses the unlikely. The people we would least expect. We are all the unlikely but we all have a part in the lords work whether it be small or large, but we are all the unlikely for those parts.

I miss and love you all so much!
So much love!
Sister Whitmarsh

My email day next week will be on Friday!!



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