September 25, 2018


Temple Square


Broken!- Week 8

Hello all!!!

I've been out 2 months exactly today!!! I am not sure about you guys but that was the longest week of my life!! Woohoo!

I've had some super duper fun experiences this week!! And almost every single one involved me crying haha. It's weird how on your mission the "fun times" always have something to do with crying.

One of the most memorable teary eyed experiences I had was last Tuesday when we went on a little field trip to Morgan, Utah! It's kinda in the middle of nowhere next to a mountain... I realized I just described all of Utah but this mountain has an M on it so it's a little different :) (And if I'm being completely honest I slept on the car ride there, but I believe it's about an hour out of Salt Lake.) Anyways, this is where my mission President lives and we were so lucky to spend a day with him at his home! It was nice to just get out of my little-isolated bubble of Temple Square, but it was so weird to see actual humans doing things actual humans do! I was shocked so many times and then realized that I'm the one who is weird! I can't even explain to you how many realizations I came to lol.

At the end of the day, we had a little surprise in store for us! As we left Presidents home we noticed we were leaving a different way than we came in and were slightly confused. We slowly pulled up to a ranch with a HUGE barn. (I say slowly because we were in President's "golf cart on steroids" as he likes to call it so our group was way behind the others.) The first thing that came to my brain was, "oh no way!! We're going horse riding"... sadly we weren't, but it was actually even cooler!

Our Church has this series called Meet the Mormons, where they take families or individuals and make a little clip about what they do in life and always tie it back to being a member of The Church. Well! There's a really cool episode in this series called, "The Horseman." Let me set the scene really fast... Some of the Sisters were crying, some were running around touching horses and I was standing and turned to a leader and said, "wait who is he?" I guess this man, Jeff Wadman is a huge deal in Temple Square, but the coolest thing is he's a horseman. As I put two and two together I realized that Jeff was the person in one of the videos the sisters tell stories about all the time and that's when a little switch clicked! He's a pretty cool guy!! We then were able to sit and talk with him about what he does. Long story short Jeff breaks horses for a living.

I'm sure you all know what breaking a horse means, but just in case for those of you like me who didn't really know. A simple description would be working a horse over and over again until it feels comfortable coming to you every time no matter what. He teaches these horses to rely on him for everything and trust him. If they don't come to him he continues to work them.

After he explained it in a little more detail he then looked at us and said, "Sisters you are broken." At first, I was like you know I am... I'm a mess and I really need to be fixed. Jeff wasn't talking about that. He was talking about how I turn to Christ in all my doings. How I rely on him for everything and I trust him. How Christ has worked and worked me and how I've struggled and cried but now I'm broken... every time I have a hard time or need help, I turn to Christ.

My heart was filled with the undeniable and overwhelming feeling of comfort hence the tears. I wish I could allow you all to feel that same feeling I felt. I truly can't deny the hand of the Lord in my life. Some of us may be working towards being broke and are almost there. Some may not want to be broke, but I know that as we allow Christ into our lives we will be changed for the better and we will have an undeniable trust in Christ and in the love he has for us. Let Christ break you. Jeff said when he can't break a horse it breaks his heart. It made me think a lot about when we don't turn to Christ does he feel the same way?

I love you all so much!! I hope you have a great week! Sorry that was longer than normal but if you got to this point you're a real one!! ADIOS

Sister Whitmarsh

Ok!!! So I got a surprise visit from some of the best people in the world!! I cried a ton hence the stains on my shirt!! And then a pic on Presidents "jeep."


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