September 4, 2018


Temple Square


Lesson Learned- Week 5

Hello everyone!!!

16 more months and a week till I am home, but who is counting?! Not me of course!
Just kidding!! I have no idea when I'll be home ;) Who knows I may just need to extend with the amount of love I have for this mission.
This week has been nothing more than amazing! I am so in love with Salt Lake City and all the crazies that come with it!

This week I have been trying so so hard to let my faith be bigger than my fears! BOY is that hard haha. I will be honest I am so quick to judge when I see someone on the square that looks a little bit scary, but then again they probably look at me and think the same thing.

Yesterday I had a really awesome, funny and strengthening experience. I was walking into the Assembly Hall (Fun Fact: first chapel built in the Utah valley... unless my trainer made that up). Anyways! as I was walking towards this building I saw a man who to me looked a little sketch. Of course the Sister missionary that I am am shot him a huge smile and then kept walking... I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later he came into the Assembly Hall but we were on opposite sides. We made eyecontact again then he proceeded to approach me and what did I do? Walked the opposite way. I literally felt like I was in a boxing match! I put up a good fight but after 3 laps around I got this huge urge to just ask him if he had any questions. I sucked it up and walked right up to this man. I felt like a little ant! He looked way smaller from the opposite side of this large building. I asked him if I could help him in anyway. He sat in a pew and said can you pray with me? I sat down and we prayed. I honestly couldn't tell you what I said, but I can tell you the spirit was so strong. I opened my eyes and he was just crying. He looked at me and said, "God told me to follow you."

I sat in that hall with this man for 2 hours and we just talked about God and his love for us. We discussed and bore our testimonies and not once did I sit there and think we have different views on anything! As I talked to this man I was so certain I was being pranked by my Mission President. Everything he said I swear was straight doctrine out of the Book of Mormon, but he had no idea. I shared some scriptures with him and then offered him a Book of Mormon and he said he didn't want one, but your girl persisted and I am so glad I did.

About 4 hours later I was walking around the temple and I saw the same man sitting on a bench reading The Book of Mormon!! As I approached him I started to cry! (What's new) He saw me and stretched his arm out to me with the book and said, "God didn't want this book on the earth when the Bible was first on the earth. He wanted us to long for something more. Joseph Smith translated this because that is when we needed to hear it." Lesson learned. Don't let my fears trump anything.

This week has been truly amazing. I can't say it enough. Of course I still cry, but they've all turned to happy cries (shout out to Dad for that attribute! I owe ya one!) I love this gospel with my whole being. I love the lessons I am learning everyday. I am starting to enjoy being bad at things because it gives me the chance to change. I love it when God shows things unto me to teach me a lesson just like he did yesterday. Put your trust in God, and he will do some oh so marvelous things.

I hope you all have an amazing week. I love and miss you all so much!!

Much love,
Sister Whitmarsh


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