January 22, 2017

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Sister Nelson

Letter home from comp

My companion's birthday was this past Thursday, so of course we had to celebrate it every day this week. On P-Day we went to an American pizza place she's been wanting to go to and then two of her old companions showed up coincidentally at the same time and mysteriously out of nowhere... :p The surprise party was awesome and the staff overheard that it was her birthday and brought out free cinnamon rolls for everyone! We were the only ones in the restaurant so it was like we rented the place out or something. It was way fun! Our groceries for the week consisted of tortilla chips, tofu, and cheddar cheese. Birthday week is nacho week.

Wednesday was so awesome! I went to Namuun's baptism and saw almost everyone from American Denj! It was so awesome to see 4 of the investigators I taught from their first lessons to their baptism and to see how happy they've become :) Marlaa and Vvree and Sarantsetseg had me sit with them the whole baptism. I was so surprized at how much I understood when they were speaking to me. I guess I kind of forgot how not good at Mongolian I was back in the day. I understood nothing Sarantsetseg said the whole time I was meeting with her, but everything she said last week was so understandable! It was good to see all the members I had gotten to know, too. It felt kind of like coming home.
It's gotten cold enough that boiling water when thrown out of a window will instantly freeze. Source: we tried it. We don't really have any way of knowing the forecast, so we just measure temperature in the amount of time it takes for things to freeze. So it was pretty cold this week. Friday it's supposed to get up into the positives in Fahrenheit. Here's hoping that's true.


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