January 30, 2017




Sister Nelson

The 411

baina uu?
1. I have horse milk on my face. I bought this face-cleaning product...and when I looked at it after I got home....I saw the ingredients.....xaxa
2. We extended 3 baptismal invitations last week. one to Namuun(she's golden and told us on Sunday that she wants to serve a mission...she had already researched all the info on it. She's planning on going when she graduates in a year and has finished her new member lessons) and then to our old cute couple Nina and Terbish(they're over 70 and so stinkin funny! They'll be in the hospital for a week and they were real bummed that they wouldn't be at church took Pvjee (Thursday) as a witness for the first time. She hadn't really met them before so before she tried to make a point about how God feel about us and our prayers she asked Nina how many kids she has. Nina said she had 6 and smiled sweetly at Pvjee. Nina's youngest daughter, looks at Nina and goes, "Mom, you have 8 kids..." and Nina-- without blinking or changing her facial expression-- goes "8" we lost it! It was so funny! I guess she just forgot 2 of her kids existed or something. Nina's the cutest. She has some pretty strong faith, too.)
3. we're so busy it's awesome!!!
4. there's a new schedule.
5. I have to pee
6. English started and they didn't eat me alive. It was actually really good! One of my students came up to me...she was like,"Ms. Caitee. I found your face book and I watched your video." in my head, "what" then she told me, “teacher I don't understand the meaning of the video....why are you and your dad crying so much?" Apparently you can see my mission call opening video......I tried to explain it to her...but it doesn't make sense if you don't know about missionaries.
7. It's so cold xaxa
8. Today I am wearing two thermals and two sets of fur-lined leggings and sweats. A thermal top and two jackets and two pairs of yak wool socks with feet heater packets. I’m dying, it feels like I’m emailing in the desert. but we're going sledding we'll see how warm it is then. - not.
9. My favorite teacher (student) at Shine Ve, Gantuya invited us over for Tsagaan Sar (the White Moon, Lunar holiday) She was way cute about it. She's excited to feed us a bunch of Buuz (dumplings) and milk tea! haha it will be so funny!!!
xoxo, hairtai shvv,
sister bolor (bollwinkel)


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