January 23, 2017




Sister Nelson

Happy Randa Appreciation day (my birthday)

One of our wards is an international branch, so we met with some of the foreigners last week. it was really fun...and they make such good food....we ate well. Happy birthday to me...xaxa that was the saying all week...after every good thing and their was so many! I love all the people I've been able to meet on my mission! My companion and sister Kerby and Litchtenberg and Olsen did a few cute little surprise things for was so nice!!! it was a great week!
We have a new investigator who is awesome! she is so prepared. She came up to us, about a week ago, and asked us to meet with her...she couldn't remember if she had been baptized or not......but we looked into it a little and she wants to be baptized! She has great desire and she is willing to work for her testimony. I'm so excited to keep working with her. She has a great support system, a lot of her family are members and she's really smart. She received all the lessons when she was 8 or 9. We got to her house earlier than we had planned on Sunday and she came out with her cousin and they apologized because she couldn't finish reading the pamphlet we had given her the night before, because they were looking through the definitions in the back and go over things she didn't understand. It was so cute, I've never had such a diligent investigator. our first lesson with her she told us about what she read in the introduction to the book of Mormon (which she started reading without us) and told us how much she liked the scripture (Moroni 10: 4-5) that it referenced.
The Lord is preparing people and he is preparing us too. It's so cool! even for the members we met with...we had prepared things that the really needed. I am so grateful to play a piece in this great work, for anyone God sees a need for me for. it is so cool!!
We did a split with sister guild and sister tillery. They were both great. We brought them both to our area, to show the model area thing...but nothing really worked out in either area.....of course. But that is something that they were struggling with in their own area. What to do when there is nothing to do. So we were able to make a plan according to chapter 9 (I think) of pmg and we tried it out. I hope that it was a good experience for was cold and we did a lot of walking.....sooo
Oh yesterday I went to visit my emee (Mongolian grandma) and she had a nurse there (that was a nice surprise) we went to drop off a picture and to just check on her real quick.....when all of a sudden she "dropped her drawers" haha grandma butt cheeks....the sister that I was with was pretty embarrassed and scared for a few seconds that the grandma was asking her to give her the butt shot.....well I hope that made you made mine...xaxa
hairtai shvv and like such as.
xoxo, sister bollwinkel

1. so Asian
2 +3: so cold and windy

This kid just had his hand out and kept saying bye every time we did....but then stopped when I pulled out my camera. also in the one there is a dog laying in a fence...he was scary...and thought he was a cat🐱


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