January 16, 2017




Sister Nelson

Nelwinkel (nelson & the mission knows us)

1. the cute emees (grandmas) helping each other to church.
2. locked out 10 til.
3. cute fluffy baby
1. Miracle. so this last week we went and visited this emee (grandma) she doesn't have any family to take care of her, her daughter doesn't help her. This emee is like really old, 85...when Mongolians get old they get old....but she's still kickin. Anyways we always seem to visit her at just the right time. When I was in the area last year we went over and she had no food and couldn't go out. another time she broke her arm and couldn't find her medicine. A few weeks ago she found out that she had cataracts...the next week she slipped on her way to church and broke her arm again.....well that's my Dolgor emee. On Sunday during the relief society "good news minute" a women shared a really sweet experience. she has a son that is as cute as can be, he can't really talk yet...he kind of just mumbles or says random words he knows, well one day he started saying "Dolgor emee. Dolgor emee hool (hool is food)" so the mom put it together that they should bring food to this grandma. They got there and she was alone and couldn't make food because of her arm and hadn't eaten for a few days. Talk about a Miracle. We made her soup yesterday. It is so amazing how God works with each of us and how He uses us to serve others.
2. People are only going to learn if they want to. They need to be sincere and humble....if they aren't well there's not a lot you can do. They'll figure it out on their own.....I guess that's how Heavenly Father feels about me...
3.God puts us at the right place at the right time for the right person. His plan is so perfect and intricate.
4. Missionary work is the best thing ever. missionaries really learn to love. like truly love. I love my mission and Mongolia so much.

xoxo, baka.
sister bollwinkel


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