January 8, 2017




Sister Nelson

A cold One!

CB1/9/17 a cold one
This week we were able to go on a split. I was able to go to one of my old area! It was so fun! I love being able meet with people I used to meet with all summer. It was so sweet. We went to a new members house and we walk in and she gives us some baav (fried bread) and some aruul (curd candy) ans some hereem (hot milk drink) and then she looks at me and she's like uuuyyye, sain uu? haha it was so cute. We're were able to talk a lot. She reminds me a lot of grandma Billie, but she has the voice of a man that smokes a pack a day. She is a legend in Songino and she invited me over for tsagaan sar! so cool. I love the people here so much!
This Sunday one of our investigators, who has been an investigator for the past few years came up to us and was like "I want to be baptized next Saturday" when I first met with this lady last march we thought she'd be a "forever investigator" (that's what a sticky note on her record careful what you write on people's records future missionaries). But anyways she just got her marriage certificate and she is more active than a lot of members, Her kids were baptized a few years ago, her husband supports her, she does her visiting teaching, and she reads everyday and asks really cool we met with her and she has a few things that we have to work on...but once we get them figured out then she's golden. She wanted to get baptized this Saturday because her friends's really cool what a good example can do for someone. I think I came back to this area to help this lady. we had to go through a bunch of books and record to find wouldn't have known she was an investigator....
our other investigators are all doing really good. we're working with the wards trying to get them to fellowship....that's a really had thing for our good member missionaries ok!
We serve in two wards, one ward we have a lot more work.....but it was cool because on Sunday we got 3 referrals from members.....things work out.
I can't remember what else happened.....we ate nachos all week....we paid a lot of money for tortilla chips and cheese but it was so good. We'll see how eat for the rest of the week. We froze yesterday at the black market. ummmm...we had a mission leadership know what that means...waffles and bacon at the Harpers. We are also friends with all the taxi drivers that give us rides that hangout in our parking lot....they all see us and try to talk us into coming with's pretty funny...bunch of old guys....that want our money.
Well that’s it....bakka
xoxo, sister bollwinkel


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