January 2, 2017




Sister Nelson

Broccoli on a Banana Soup

Funny story: We went to leave for an apt...but forgot the phone...we got out of the elevator on the next floor and went up the stairs....but my key wasn't comp was about to try hers when we heard someone...from inside say "hen be?" or "who is it?"...we ran to the staircases....we had gone down two floors instead of one.....ha-ha story of my life...awkward xaxa
We met with a new member last night, her grandkids speak English.....They're loosing it a little bit....but what they say is always so funny. The little girl is crazy and she always calls us "bossy" we asked her what that word meant and she said "yucky" we asked her what that meant and she made a face and said...."you two are two bananas...yellow bananas. You two are banana soup haha you two are yucky like broccoli on a banana soup" then she shared her chocolate with us. We get a lot of funny meetings. I love this area and all the people I get the opportunity to serve. This new member is preparing for the temple, we're so excited for her and I asked her last night if we could go through with her, she'll be in Salt Lake. it is so cool to see people change and grow! Happy New Year! Shine onii mend!! With the New Year it is the perfect time for us to see how much we have grown ourselves! Sometimes I feel like I’ve grown and changed so much....but then I’m reminded that I have a long ways to go! We all take time and polishing. We all have different areas to work on. But God knows us perfectly. He knows what we need, He knows our potential and He knows how we need to get there. That's been my experience at least.
Well love you all! Take your thoughts, cares, goals and dreams to the Lord. He will lead you and guide you and apply His grace and help us to become all that we can.
hairtai shuu and stuff. Happy New Years!
sister bollwinkel


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