December 25, 2016




Sister Nelson

Merry Christmas this Christmas any other Sunday ..but better.

12/26/16 sain medee

Merry Christmas this Christmas any other Sunday ..but really good! we have two wards so we had the normal 5 hrs of church, but we had an investigator call. she's been out in the huduu (the black hole called the countryside that takes everyone away) but she had come back for a day and called us and she told us to come and share a scripture with her. I had met with this lady before when I was in this area.....she scared me! I had one of the most heart-breaking lessons with her, the one where sister Jensen had to kneel in front of her so that she would look at us...and then told us to never come back...that lady. She has changed. She is happy, and nice and bright. I couldn't believe it was she. She bore her testimony to us and it was so strong.....I never expected that. She made my Christmas we all have our own spiritual age. We all grow at different rate and our faith grows by different means. It was the best gift for me to see her grow up like that. it is amazing what the hope and light of Christ and His Atonement can do. Our Heavenly Father knows each of us, he loves us. He knows our weaknesses, our trials, and our frustrations. He wants to help us and he's not waiting on anything but us. He is always there to hear and answer prayers. He does for me and He has for Sainchimeg. I love sharing the gospel or sain medee (good news) because that's what it is. That's why the angel said, "I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. the gospel is for everyone. It is our greatest hope and our greatest reason to have joy! Jesus Christ is our Savior. He came into the world that we through Him could return to our Heavenly Father. He has overcome death, He atoned for our sins. I am grateful for this special time to think reflect and rejoice because of our Savior and our hope. the gospel changes lives! Not the way the world does...but as Christ does, from the inside out!
merry Christmas!
hairtai shuu!
xoxo, sister bollwinkel


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