December 26, 2016




Sister Nelson

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The Elders asked us to teach district meeting this week. They had no idea what they were in for.
We started by reading a version of Ephesians 6, which we altered to include the instructions for our game. In the game each of the Elders was given a gift.
To one, the gift of sight and the SWAT hat of visibility, which means he didn't have to wear a scarf as a blindfold. To another the torch of flashlight-i-ness (gift of spiritual receptiveness....?). He didn't have to wear earplugs. To another the walkie-talkie of talkiness (gift of tongues), he didn't have to put the band-aids over his mouth. To the last, the rifle of faith. He had to wear everything and had to been in the lead at all times because they all had to work together and walk by faith. He was also the only one who could stop us, the Sisters, from throwing snowballs at them or from stealing the ninja bread men they were supposed to find in the game. So, the object of the game was to find two bags of ninja bread men hidden in the church and get them back safely to the room we had district meeting in but they had to come up with a strategy on how to work together and do it when each of them only had one sense at most. It was so fun! The Elders had a pretty good strategy-- for the first like 30 seconds. Then they bailed and it was non-stop hilarity from then on out. They started wandering blindly away from each other, not letting faith lead, and weren't getting anything done. They we told them the rules again and they regrouped and got it all done with the ninja bread (mostly) in tact. Then we all read 1 Corinthians 12:13-31 and shared what we learned. And then we gave them brownies with ultra chocolate and peanut butter. May the Han Uul District Meeting of Dec. 2016 forever be remembered as the best ever.


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