December 20, 2016




Sister Nelson

Feliz Navidad....khristiin medeliin bayriin mend hurgii!

Feliz Navidad....khristiin medeliin bayriin mend hurgii! This week was real great! We visited a lot of members and sang to them. Christmas caroling is so fun. It was really cool this new member came with us (well, we actually persuaded.....convinced....coaxed her to come with us) she hasn't really acclimated to the ward... but she really likes the missionaries! It was really cool! She was pretty cold when I was first in this area...but now she is so warm. the gospel changes lives!
We also had a week full of ninja's not racist...well at least I don't think it is.....we made one for president and sister Harper, all the sisters in our zone, and our district.....they have all been graced by ninja bread....good tidings of funny joy.

This week starts the 9 X 9's....which is how they measure the cold….
1st 9s: Vodka made from milk freezes.
2nd 9s: Normal vodka freezes.
3rd 9s: The tail of a 3-year-old ox freezes and falls off.
4th 9s: The horns of a 4-year-old ox freeze and fall off.
5th 9s: Boiled rice no longer freezes.
6th 9s: Roads start to become visible.
7th 9s: Hilltops appear from beneath snow.
8th 9s: The ground gets damp.
9th 9s: Warmer days have set in.

It starts on the 22....pray for us.
It was really cool today, as we walked into the Internet cafe this lady asked if I could check her email I did. We got talking. we invited her to go to the free English class...and then we found out that she had met with missionaries and had gone to church like 10 years ago in the huuduu (countryside) and that she had been thinking of it recently. she's going to come to church! the work is so cool. I think it's so neat that that we can't proselyte, we can't even invite people to English unless they ask....but everyone always does....and we have so much work!
I also want to adopt this teacher that is like 60 that sits in my English class....she's crazy. we're best friends....she also dances to the "gummy bear song" with her class.....she invites us sometimes. yesterday she pressed her face against the class of the teachers' room and made faces at us until we noticed and ran and hugged us and fake cried as we left. A reason that I love English. another is one of my 11th graders was being funny and practicing what we learned about directions and pretended he was a taxi....he wasn't a very good one....and he over charged me...but he got the concept. I also told them I didn't have money for a taxi so they gave me 500 tugrugs...."good kid, bad judge of character" ;)

Merry Christmas! Mosiah 3:5-11,17
hairtai shuu and such!

Sister Bollwinkel


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