December 12, 2016




Sister Nelson

Christmas almost and Huurshuur

So this week was great. We taught a lot of English, fun. and humans! We have a new investigator who is super golden. We’re meeting with her a lot and hopefully she can be baptized by the end of the month. We were meeting at a members culture note.... you always get fed in a Mongolian home even if its half a thing of bread or a sugar cube and you always get something warm to drink and by warm I mean burn your throat hot. Anyways we were at this member’s house, she is a really great member.... but we got there and she was in the middle of making food...but she let us start the lesson anyway (not usual.... you eat then talk) and then we had to go. Well Mongolian food wrecks my stomach.... especially huushuur.... and that's what she was making. So we taught and then tried to hurry and get out. We each ate one but she gave us like 10 more in a bag.... that’s a lot of huushuur. Well we weren't going to eat it and we didn't want to waste it.... and we were 1,100 tugrags short for our taxi ride. We paid our taxi in huushuur. #winning
A different stomach was killing me...and we were in the middle of a Ger district waiting for our investigator.... we’re smart enough to wait (loiter) in a small store.... we played with their cat, bought some of their toilet paper and then very nicely asked to use their noith (basically an out house.... usually without a seat, and freezing) it was very nice of them...and a year ago my worst nightmare...but now...I'm pretty much a pro...but be careful...some here our super don't want to fall in.
Well anyways it's been a fun Christmas season so far! I love it! I was studying Christmas sons...and by that I mean singing them...and I noticed how each starts by declaring joy, happiness and good news and by the end of the second verse it tells you why. Because Christ came to earth. And sacrificed for each of us, and overcame death. And we through Him can return to our loving Heavenly Father. Well if you think of it like that...there is no reason ever not to be happy, or to rejoice! I love this season! And I am grateful for the eternal perfect love of my savior and for the opportunity to share tat love and joy with everyone!
Merry Christmas. haitai shuu!
xoxo, Sister B (no one can say bollwinkel...sometimes bolor)


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