December 5, 2016




Sister Nelson

Frozen Eyelashes and Nose Hairs

My eyelashes froze for the first time this week this year.... the start of a beautiful season xaxa
we've been able to spend a lot of time with president and sister Harper since the 'incident' it's been really nice, they're hilarious! I was on a quick split with sister Harper and we were slipping all over the place....there is a lot of granite around the city...and it basically ice skate around town....but anyways she was talking about how cold it was cold enough to freeze your nose hairs genee..xaxa
Well transfers are this week, so that'll be fun to have a few new faces. We don't usually have normal 6 weeks is weird! I don't know how our training splits will go this next companion is healing really well and fast all things considered, but she still hobbles a bit.
We taught one lesson this week and it was great! we had great members tat were able to help a lot....they basically took the whole we just drank the aarts.......aarts is well its basically curdled soured milk that is extremely tastes like a petting zoo in your mouth...and smells like the milk that mom tells you not to drink....but I like develop a taste for it I guess. we've had the first for the season, I’m so get a cup of that and you sit in that ger for a few seconds and you feel like your walking in the parking lot in Gilbert in the middle of summer...its great.
English is real good. Our teachers are true beginners but they are so good. they are so funny, some of them are literally crazy....they make the days so fun. My 11th graders break my heart a little but then they'll be so good and funny....and then I feel like I’m babysitting...which isn't allowed according to the white handbook.....soooo trying to whip them in to shape...not literally.
Also my companion has developed a fear of buses (no surprise) and of stairs...she basically faints when she tries to go up....look up a video of fainting goats, you'll understand!
well nothing else is new. haitai shuu and stuff
xoxo, sister bollwinkel


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