November 21, 2016




Sister Nelson

Generous Miracles

So my English changed again! yippee....well not really. I lost all my little rug-rats! sad. Now we teach one of the other classes and a few teachers’ classes. It should be really good....I will just miss the crazies!
Well just so you all know....the Lord is generous in miracles. We have a really sweet investigator she is already a great missionary, she's telling her extended family to meet with us. But we were talking to her at the bus stop and she asked when we'd be leaving and she let out a sigh after we told her and she said,” that means I can get baptized before you leave" so sweet...we are extending a date to her this week for the end of Mongolia. The Lord is preparing people...and protecting people!
It has been so December cold or according to the locals "bitterly" and "forecast" cold! Well there are no snow plows and they hardly use salt and other there is snow and ice everywhere....even on the inside of our windows. Anyways we were on and frigidly exchange and I got a call...freaked me out. My companion slipped at the bus stop and her leg was ran over by a bus. I was so scared and so far away...The lord protects his missionaries. There must have been an angel lifting the bus...she has no broken bones. a miracle!!
Her and I have been the forecast (recipients) of so much love this weekend. It is incredibly amazing and humbling. We are not alone in this truly. There are heavenly and earthly angels all around us. Lifting and supporting and protecting us....if I had ever doubted that before I don't now. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and he will help us and protect us. This is his work and nothing not even a Mongolian bus can stop it.
We're spending the week easy.
hairtai shuu and stuff!
sister bollwinkel


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