November 14, 2016




Sister Nelson

Not Cool Jack Frost

so imagine is freezing cold (not cool Jack frost)....everyone knows it, everyone feels everyone prepares for it by wearing huge coats and scarves and hats. Now because it’s so one wants to walk. So traffic is crazy and not only traffic but the buses. The buses are packed! Imagine a clown car or a can of sardines...and then you got Mongolian winter transportation. it has it's perks. the bus is so crowded that you don't have to hold on to anything...and that's even with the crazy driving. and because everyone is so fluffy these days and so close it creates the perfect environment for standing naps! yes, I’m guilty. we were stuck in traffic in a super crowded bus and the lady in front of me had the softest fur hood. it was very comfortable.
we helped teach the zone training. it went well I think. and after we went to a baptism. temuujin mine and sister tao's golden investigator was baptized. he has such a strong testimony and he wants to prepare to go on a mission! so cool! and in songino area the cutest little girl got baptized. she is so awesome. she was asked what she would do if someone tried to offer her tea...she responded, "I am a daughter of God and I must keep His commandment." so cute and powerful.
I tried to share a scripture the other day...and I said the reference a little funny....the didn't understand...I held out a vowel too long....I meant to say mozaya...but I said it like muu-zaya...which means bad companion pointed it out. It took us all a bit of time to recover from laughing.
something else funny was the grandma at church. She's a little crazy! She welcomes everyone every Sunday. She was so funny. telling everyone how beautiful they were and then she started telling me how great she was so I agreed with her then she started laughing. and then brought us close and whispered "we're so cool" ha-ha she's awesome.
Sister Bollwinkel


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