November 9, 2016




Sister Nelson

1 year in Country

Hey, I’ve been a year in country! Crazy how times fly!!! I can't believe it...and I feel weird telling members that.... I thought my language would be better by now. But I keep trying. This week was a little crazy. In order to get all of our splits in we have to move things around.... so pday became today! yeee! Last week I was able to go on split with some really great sisters. I love seeing others' love fore their people and area, it's sweet! Then this week I went on a split with one of the newer sisters. In my area...I was a little nervous.... I feel like its a little more pressure when they come to your area...haha but it was really good. We met with this grandma, she's nuts! so she sells pine nuts on the side of the road....we got to her home right as she was finishing up for the day.....layers on layers on layers! I swear she lost 15 lbs right before our eyes... she's also a little hard of hearing...and our bad accents don't help...but luckily this super cute old man was there.... he understood us well...and helped her. Before when we met with this grandma she was telling us about the pictures in her house. She has a bunch of pictures on the wall of Mongolia landscape and Mongolian wrestlers..."her wrestlers” her old man friend was also a wrestler...he was so proud. He was a master...witch is the highest honor here...and takes a lot of work. I told him "ta shuu" and he loved his life.
We do a lot of students are hilarious. We do a lot of prep for trainings and such.
Our apt is pretty ghetto//in a nice area...but still. It makes you appreciate the little things. Always an adventure in our lives!
We also got to meet with some new members that just moved into our area. They are so awesome. We talked about missionaries and missionary work and what missionary work is. The boy is 8 almost 9, we asked him;” did you know that you could be a missionary now?" he was so confused. "How??" he asked. We told him that through being a good example and sharing his beliefs that he could be a missionary." well he was pretty excited. We asked him," can you think of anyone that you could help, by sharing the gospel?" his response was, "well...there are 21 kids in my class!" it was the sweetest thing ever. He said he would start with his partner. I wish everyone were excited and willing as little Azaa is.
President Monson has said, "now is the time for members and missionaries to come together. And labor in he Lord's vineyard to bring souls unto Him. He has prepared the means for us to share the gospel in a multitude of ways, and he will assist us in our labors if we will act in faith to fulfill his work."
As for my mission...if members don't do their part...we have no work. Her in Mongolia we can't openly proselyte.... we depend upon the members. "What we call "member missionary work" is not a program but an attitude of love and out reach to help those around us" -elder oaks
I’m so grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to love missionary work. And have been able to develop that attitude of love. Everyone be like Azaa, tell everyone.
Well its pretty cold here... trying not to freeze. We all look like construction workers with our masks on. Pray my nose doesn't freeze another sister said...."you need to take care of your nose, nobody likes Voldemort"
hairtai shuu and such.

xoxo, sister bollwinkel


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