October 9, 2016


bayngol and enkhtaivan


Sister Darling Cambodia


This was my first week in my new areas (we are working in two parts of town) and the work is great. We have a few baptisms coming up, and these investigators are so prepared! It is so amazing to see the hand of the Lord at work in people's life! It’s so great!!
We were able to watch conference this last weekend. It was so good! I love being able to learn from the prophet and general authorities! I learned so much and I hope you did as well. I really enjoyed the messages about joy (like all of them). Our heavenly Father loves us so much! He has given us a perfect plan, with a perfect Redeemer. It is a plan of happiness and love, and if we choose we can partake of that happiness, that wonderful joy. We were created that we may have joy. We can grab a hold of that beautiful, perfect (complete) joy by following Jesus Christ, by living His gospel. We choose joy or sadness.... think about's our choice. So, be happy. Choose joy, choose Christ. I love sharing this message with His children. My brothers and sisters...we're getting us home! I love seeing the joy.... because you can see it...light up in a person's face as they learn the restored principals. I love seeing the joy in their faces as they come out of the waters of baptism...I love this work! And I love Him for blessing me with this opportunity. As Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, "What could be more joyful than to share the truths of eternity with God's children?" I love it! I’ve never been happier! Share it! Love it! Embrace it! We’re all missionaries...and we all need the joy that these truths bring. Christ is our Savior and through Him we can change, we can have peace and joy in this life and in the eternities. I know that this is true.
hairtai shuu! Be safe and be a missionary!
xoxo, sister bollwinkel
2 Nephi 5; 27


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