October 2, 2016


Songino (onion)


Sister Olsen

The Onion Sisters

We went to a baptism this week and introduced ourselves to some ladies.... they were so funny. There like. “You’re the songino (means onion) sisters...I thought I smelt something stinky".... and this is coming from a very old lady.... it was so funny. My transfer with sister Olsen has been so stinkin good! We’ve made amazing relationships with the ward and were finding good solid people. I prayed for a transfer like ours. It was so nice we became such good friends. It was so happy. We got a call Saturday night about a little transfer. I’m leaving Songino and going to serve in a different area.
I’m going to miss songino ward so much. I really loved the ward and the members. We started working with some less actives and they were making progress...I wanted to cry. I got invited to a lot of houses for tsaagan that'll be fun!
I will be serving in two wards, bayngol and enkhtaivan....the work is really good there...and now I live a lot closer to my school. School is good! I love my little Mongols.
It was really cool on the bus today I ran into an old investigator of mine from my first area...her phone stopped working and we had lost her...but there she was. And I could talk to her! Before.... I would try to teach and talk to her.... and she'd get this panicked look.... not know what to do...stare at me and try...but we were just able to talk this morning! It was great!!! I love little answers and reassurances that our loving father in heaven gives us. It is so easy to get down and to get stuck in the moment.... but we're all generally doing better than we think we are. It’s like the story of Nephi in the book of helaman. He was disappointed in the work...the people he was serving among were hard of heart.... but if you read Helaman 10:4-5 you can see how thoughtful and patient the Lord is. He wants us to succeed.... and HE helps us to see just how far we've come.
I love the gospel and I love the opportunity to serve her. I love these people so much.
Pray for help. Pray for support. And look for the tender mercies and answers in your life!
hairtai shuu and stuff!
xoxo, sister bollwinkel


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